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S.ex Tapes: How Mermaid (Njuzu) can Move on After the Leaks

A sex tape featuring former actress, Tino Katsande is an episode she wishes to erase from her life. The episode, according to the media pers...

A sex tape featuring former actress, Tino Katsande is an episode she wishes to erase from her life.

The episode, according to the media personality propelled her to a nonentity. “I went from hero to zero, from being a top radio personality to eating avocados in the back of my yard, from living in a flat to sharing a small one-room apartment,” she told a daily tabloid in 2019, years after the infamous leak.

By @Comic24Derick

The former DJ was dismissed from her breakfast radio slot, forcing her to institute legal action on the station. The once vivacious actress had to undergo a healing process to regain her confidence back, as the leaked tape by her jealous former boyfriend bonked the internet.

Instead of blaming other players, she took full responsibility. “I participated in the tape, we knew what we were doing, and the problem is that it found its way out; that is the violation. After taking responsibility, you move to forgiveness, forgiving yourself and the other party.”

Along the way, Tino lost friends, adding that people ought to be careful when using technology. “People should be careful about what they do with their gadgets in this age of technology. Know that when you do something with your gadget and if it gets into the cyber world it is no longer yours and it can end up anywhere. It is not easy to control the internet.”
Monalisa "Njuzu" Chavura
Tino's s.ex tape was uploaded on an adult website. For those who feel violated, the law could be a reprieve, however, the process could take longer.

Lorraine Guyo
became an immediate Valentine’s Day darling in 2019 after she posted a tape inciting men to propose to her. Police later summoned her to explain a viral image that featured a lady who resembled her. Further searches concluded that the video was plucked from a pornographic website and doctored.

After the gruelling episode, which was littered with threats of suicide, Lorraine maximised her newfound celebrity status, quitting her job to endorse deals as a brand ambassador.

But for former Studio 263 character Denzel Burutsa aka Jabu, the leaked sex tape proved to be a final nail in the coffin to his waning career. After the video leaked, he launched a counter apology to panel beat his sagging personality, while some are convinced it was a way to catapult him from obscurity and/or poverty.

“It is for that reason that I wish to sincerely apologise, unreservedly, to everyone, family, friends, fans and the corporate community, directly or indirectly affected by recent events as a result of my temporary lapse in judgment,” Burutsa said afterward.

The once adored actor has since melted into oblivion, far away from the television limelight that he enjoyed, bringing him both fame and trouble.

Singer Desmond Chideme addressed as Stunner and Pokello Nare became instant villains courtesy of their sexual expedition that flooded the internet. “That was actually a mistake,” Pokello recalled. “It leaked; it was not for public viewing or public consumption.”

However, after the juicy leak, Pokello was selected to represent Zimbabwe in Big Brother Africa. The self-anointed queen of swagger is still trending, and Stunner continued singing.

From past episodes, Monalisa ‘Njuzu” Chavura’s trending nude tapes will require a lot of self-examination.

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