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Prophecy: Zimbabwe Church May Split After Leader’s Death

A respected church in Zimbabwe will split into five big churches if the current leader, whose days are numbered does not groom a leader, a r...

A respected church in Zimbabwe will split into five big churches if the current leader, whose days are numbered does not groom a leader, a recent prophecy has revealed.

The prophetic message delivered by Pastor Ian Ndlovu is aimed at a big church based in the country.

“The same goes for a church which has its headquarters in Zimbabwe, which I have talked about in the past,” said Pastor Ndlovu.

By @Comic24Derick

“According to what I have seen in the spirit, the senior leader must groom a clear successor because his days are now near. The little time that God has given him, he must groom and introduce someone who will succeed him.”

At least 80 percent of the Zimbabwe population call themselves Christians, with main denominations, with 62 percent attending church regularly. Christianity plays an active role in Zimbabwean society.

Among the largest denominations in the country are AFM in Zimbabwe led by President Rev Amon Madawo. The Zimbabwe Assemblies of God (ZAOGA) founded by Archbishop Ezekiel Guti.

New Life Covenant Church pastored by Bishop Tudor Bismark. Prophet Emanuel Makandiwa leads the United Family International Church (UFIC), a splinter from the AFM.
Pastor Ian Ndlovu
The message, it seems was directed to one of these denominations. “As a steward, the spirit of God is saying he must groom a successor. People will say, Pastor Ian, why are you poking your nose into other people’s business,” he asked.

“It is God who has told me to speak. If someone believes it is not God, let’s wait and see what will happen if what I am not saying is not done.”

In a previous sermon, Pastor Ndlovu had prophesied the split of the church. “As I have said before, I saw at least five churches coming out of that denomination. Some people are waiting for the most senior leader to depart,” adding that, “There are people who are waiting for the senior leader to depart to start their denominations.”

The main reason for the split, according to the Pastor is no clear succession plan in place. “As a leader, you don’t show people how the organization will move after you are gone and it is not a sin to improvise a vision.”

The split will shock the Christian community. “If you think what happened to AFM is shocking, wait until we see what will happen to this church.”

The AFM in Zimbabwe has been divided into two main factions led by two prominent spiritual leaders, causing their millions of members to attend services separately. To date, there is ongoing acrimony regarding church property and finances.

“This leader has been given a window, not to consolidate his power but for him to groom a leader like he is going to depart tomorrow and announce the person because what he will say will be respected.”

If a successor is not appointed soon, the legacy of this man will split into five branches. 

“But I saw a river which parted into five small rivers. If people think I am daydreaming, let’s wait and see,” mentioned the Pastor, who has correctly predicted the death of Tanzanian President John Mugufuli, among other pinpoint prophesies.

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