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Dear COVID-19: One Day You Shall Die, Too

For a while, something was pressing on my chest. This condition overwhelmed me, and I was hesitant to offload it. After days of contemplatin...

For a while, something was pressing on my chest. This condition overwhelmed me, and I was hesitant to offload it.

After days of contemplating, I have finally discovered the courage to spit it out and address you directly.

COVID-19, our nemesis, let me begin with a story. I love stories, and hopefully, you like them, too. This is an incident that is disturbing me, an episode that has persuaded me to pen this epistle to you, our dreaded enemy.

For the record, I was cultured to attack my enemy, and not address it as a friend, so don’t take my meekness as a weakness.

Caleb was our neighbor for decades. An athletic fellow in his formative years, before he turned to the bottle for relief, he was a self-declared hermit.

To be frank, we were not the best buddies, but we could relate, unlike you and me. Apart from these differences, he was a jolly fella when he was sober.
COVID-19 has Killed Millions of People Around the Globe
Life was good that way, until one day when something went wrong. For six days, Caleb went missing. This was not surprising at first, it was expected, he had done it before.

When he finally emerged, he was sick, withered, something deadly was hounding his health. Overcome by pneumonia, your symptoms, he succumbed in the yard, in front of onlookers, my family included.

There, alone, yelling for help, he breathed for the final moment. Nobody heeded his call for help, because you, COVID-19 had taken over.

Caleb was not the last victim. A month later, another man from our community, a breadwinner succumbed to your wrath.
Again, he became a victim of your merciless actions. We know you are not satisfied with those three, you still want more.

So far, I have never been to America, but you have been there. At first, you came like a visitor, yet you were concealing something, a deadly intention.

In less than a year, you have emaciated your hosts, wiped her offspring, separated families, forever. In a short while, you have ravaged communities, unimitated cities, and left damp cheeks everywhere you have passed through.
There is a Lot of Fake News and Misinformation About the Deadly Pandemic
I don’t know if I will be in India, but you have been there before me already. Sadly, you have left a permanent mark on the land. Wherever you have been, people are limping, crying or the deceased are being consumed by big fires.

China discovered you in 2019. After that, you decided to elope into other boundaries and invade other nations, not once, twice, or thrice, you continue to do so with impunity.

Do your evil work, you satanic pandemic, spread your gospel of death. Accomplish your destructive mission, oh annihilating one, after all, it's your opportunity to spread your tentacles of vengeance.

In Africa you were not welcome, yet, you have become a permanent resident. Not only are you a border jumper, but you have taken over our continent, claiming thousands across the continent.

You, a visitor who travels without a permit or a passport have imprisoned us, conquered our healthcare facilities, taken refuge of our emotions, yet you are not convinced by the ruin you have unleashed so far.

We are your prisoners, so go on COVID-19, however, the way you are swiftly eradicating humanity, you may soon run out of hosts to intimidate. 

I know I cannot scare you because you have already petrified the entire world, millions actually, now appreciate your conquering agility.
Lockdowns, Social Distancing and Sanitizing are Some of the Ways Being Used to minimize the Spread of the Virus 
Play on. Enjoy the sorrow. Go on, it’s your time. Maim them. Eliminate us. Contaminate the world, but one day all this will end. Your potency will be lost, one day.

Kill us, it’s your time. But after all this madness, some of us will arise from the torturous episode, stronger and more determined to crawl back to our normal lives once again.

Let me take you a century back. Then, in 1918, influenza your great grandfather once visited the world. In total, 50 million people were killed. More were scared, while others survived the ordeal to tell the gory episode.

Once again, the world witnessed the effects of Avian influenza, a COVID-19 cousin, as it descended on us. Repeatedly, it threatened to choke us. Yes, we lost lives, but we came out of the pandemic much stronger.

Admittedly, coronavirus, you are not the only perpetrator. Wars across the globe have dissected nations, killed innocent children, while some are still recuperating. Now I can hear you say, “I am not the only one killing people.”

Don’t celebrate, not so fast. I am only sharing this with you to remind you that humanity has been there before. As nations we face calamities, yet, we always come out victorious.
Researchers, Scientists and Spiritual Leaders are Working Hard to Counter the Spread of the Pandemic
Dear COVID-19 our number one enemy, you might sneer at me for reminding you that, everything, including you, will come to an end.

Everything that has breath must die, one day. Once again, I am not attempting to scare you, but just stating the reality of life.

For a while, you have been our Goliath. Together, we will fight you, until you retreat. Our scientists, spiritual leaders and the general citizens are doing all they can to eliminate you from the face of the earth.

Presently, you have triumphed, but for how long? You must know that your end is nigh. You have exploited our generation for a long time. We too, are also discovering your weak point, so be wary.

Maybe we can be friends in another life?

I truly hope so. 

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Read More At The Online Coronavirus Portal Or Use The 24-Hour Public Hotline:
South Africa: 0800 029 999 or just Send Hie to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp

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