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Dear Job Seeker: Stop Begging For Opportunities, Create Your Own

On average, a job seeker has more than one resume, and these can be amended countless times to suit a specific vacancy on offer. But it does...

On average, a job seeker has more than one resume, and these can be amended countless times to suit a specific vacancy on offer.

But it does not end there. In 2020, Talent Works found that it takes an average of 100 to 200 or more applications to receive one job offer.

By @Comic24derick

From the above numbers, you need a minimum of 10-20 applications to get one interview, and 10-15 interviews to get one job offer.

Human resources gurus consider a resume as a document created and used by a person to present their background, skills and accomplishments. 

All this effort, to be employed by someone, an organisation, for you to earn a higher salary than you were getting before.

The psychology of CVs

Each time you update your CV to apply for the next job, you are gradually convincing yourself that you are only good at working for other people.
It Takes Around 100-200 Applications To Get A Job Offer 
You are becoming a certified job hunter, a beggar for opportunities. You are not an employer, neither are you creating wealth, for you and your family.

Let’s face it, no company in the world will pay you a satisfactory salary, unless you own it, or you become a shareholder. In this case, a person who regularly updates a resume does not qualify to be an employer or even a shareholder.

Lucky for you, HR experts are hunting for people like you, with an updated CV, tons of experience and who are willing to work to earn a ‘living wage’.

The fact that you are starting from somewhere is good, it’s great to have a beginning, but if it becomes your end, then you have a problem. Start as an employee, but don’t retire as one.

Stay loyal to your employer, but remember you have to be loyal to your dreams, and those aspirations are out of your job description.

Your salary will never satisfy you

Waiting for a month's salary, begging for an increase when you want to pay for your child’s fees. All that must end at some point.
A Job Seeker Can Have More Than One Resume
Remember, this advice might not apply to those who want to gain experience. Or those who are convinced that their destiny lies with a big corporation so that they will rely on a pension upon retirement.

No, this writeup does apply to such individuals.

Only those who want to become greater, bigger and shift beyond creating an attractive resume will find this useful.

The fact that you are creative enough to convince an employer to engage you, means you are more than able to function independently, but only if you read on.

Resumes confine your abilities, they confine your ambitions, they are dream killers. Your employer will for instance not entertain your side hassles as part of your long-term goals. 

This is considered a taboo, a wrong answer. Instead, most if not all interviewees lie to land the open post.

What happens after that.

Your salary becomes a burden to you, it will not meet your daily, monthly personal needs. The things that you were attempting to conceal during the interview begin to manifest, and no one can blame you. 
You Need A Minimum of 10-20 Applications To Land An Interview 
You deserve more than what you are earning currently.

But after working for such a long time, you deserve a round of applause, but it’s not a reason to relax. Now, you must move to the next stage, away from anticipating a monthly pay cheque.

Shift your gears

Shifting into entrepreneurship is always intimidating at first, just like any new venture. Remember when you started school? Of course, you are bound to encounter drawbacks but start somewhere.

But start by following your passion. What do you love to do, or something you achieve easily without much effort? 

Find the most exciting part about your current job which makes you happy, something you are willing to do for free. Write those ideas down. Follow the pattern, and you will discover yourself.

Next, you can ask someone, a mentor for example to give you a chance as an intern, a volunteer, or a casual job. After a trial run, you can decide if it’s the right post for you.

While at work, don’t stop learning. Your current job is just a stopover, not your destination. Professional short courses are a good start, they enhance your resume, giving you an advantage over your peers.
Move Into A New dimension, Create Your Own Opportunities 
Earn as much experience as you can. Volunteer to do a tasks that others shun. Become like a mop, work from the bottom going upwards. 

Don’t shy away from the dirty, hard work. Train yourself to be a versatile employee, that way, you can be regarded as an asset.

Discover yourself 

By now you have heard of many entrepreneurs who started small. They are not different or special than you, because at one stage they also were constantly updating their resumes, until one day they decided to trash the idea.

Now you might ask, what opportunities exist, after the ravaging pandemic. Well, I am not your Ginny, so you cannot ask me for favours, but I am confident to say that, every negative episode creates a prospect.

While others are wailing, you can make money out of their misery, that’s an undisputed fact of life, ask your nearest coroner. Yes, a job is a great starting point, but it must not be a definition of your abilities or calling.

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