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Part 3: Why I am Glad I Disobeyed my Teachers

While I was struggling with my science subjects, my friend Edward, who was doing the same subjects alone was doing well. Together, we formed...

While I was struggling with my science subjects, my friend Edward, who was doing the same subjects alone was doing well.

Together, we formed a study group with three other friends, and I benefited from the regular interactions. Further, I availed my class notes and books with the group, knowing that I had to contribute something to the group.

By @Comic@4Derick

The last examination was a combined chemistry and physics paper set for late November. By now, I knew what to expect when the results would finally come, the following year. I stayed calm, hoping that things would turn out to be different. 

This was not the best time to lose hope.

After the final exam, we packed our chattels and departed for home, leaving the boarding school that had become my second home for four years. According to our headmaster, it was “our first home,” because in a year, we spent almost nine months at the boarding school.

For now, the stress of the examinations, 10 subjects in total, was behind us. I was finally going home for a prolonged three-month holiday. This was probably the longest holiday that I would ever enjoy in my life.

However, the holiday could be distracted by various delinquencies. Previously, we had heard of students eloping to get married. We also knew of students who had become addicted to drugs and other substances because they had nothing much to occupy them.

Other enterprising students managed to secure part-time employment. That way, they could make money and save for college tuition fees. 

These part-time jobs would assist them to acquire some job experience, and equip them for the job market, together with other thousands of school leavers each year.
When The Results Were Announced, I Panicked But tried Not To Reveal It. (Image: Pixels) 
For me, it was time to feast on my mother’s yummy recipes that I had yearned for while in school, where we got rations in the school dining halls, just enough to survive. Even if you disliked that taste, you had to eat whatever they provided.

By Christmas time, I had run out of things to do. Then, I had visited many friends. I read many books, too, as well as research on schools that I could attend for my A-Levels, and the subject combination son offer, in case I passed my final exams.

Emmerson, my late friend, whom we had called Dostoevsky helped me to chart a way forward. He was a guy who had influenced my love and appreciation of literature. By now, he was doing his Advanced Level, and I trusted him to guide me on the right path.

In early February, the A-Level results were released. We heard the news on the radio, and we knew our results come soon after. I had to prepare myself psychosocially for the outcome, whatever it was going to be, I was ready to accept it as my own.

After all, I had attended one of the best schools in the country in terms of academic results, therefore, I had no excuses for failing to pass. My mother, my sole parent had invested a lot in my education, both materially and financially and she expected me to do better. 

I was under a lot of pressure to achieve acceptable results.

Our results final came out at the end of February. When I heard the news, I panicked once, but I kept my cool. That evening, I discussed the results with my mom, and she suggested I go and collect them on the third day. 

The next few days were a nightmare, as I prepared for the impending journey.

On the third day, two of my friends left to collect the results. On the way, we conversed, planning on what each of us would do after collecting the results. But along the way, my mind would wander, thinking what would happen if I failed.

We arrived at my former school just after the tea break, and most of the students were returning to their classes. On the way to the administration office, we met some junior students. They accompanied us to the issuing office, eager to see how we had performed.

The three of us joined the winding queue of students waiting to collect their results. The wait seemed like an eternity, the tension was eased by the junior students who updated us on the latest school news.

I remember being the first to go into the office from our group. When I was handed my result slip, I melted in my seat. Firstly, I saw an A in English. I did not expect such a high grade. Maybe I had underestimated myself.

Then there was a chain of Bs and other A in geography. For the science subjects, I did not do well. Though I was angry, I was not dismayed. I was going to cheer for what I had passed. It was not the best, but it was worth the four-year effort.

Once outside, I was mobbed by teachers and students demanding to see the results. I could not resist their push, so I let them take a look. I met some of my teachers, who congratulated me, though I could have done better in sciences.

Wherever I went, I encountered a persistent question: are you coming back for A-Level. I did not have an immediate response, so I could not respond, just for that moment. I, however, knew students who had been convinced to take certain subject combinations against their will.

The selection for the sixth form classes was going to be done the following week by school heads, and announcements would follow. Some of the students were certain that they would enroll, and they were excitedly consulting different subject teachers on the way forward.

I decided to have chat with my friends on our way back home. I deposited my result slip into a safe location and searched for my friends. I went from one post to the next, but could not find them either.

After an hour of searching, I was sure they had left, probably intimidated by my results. I wish my assumption was wrong. Edward had collected his results earlier, so I went home alone.

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