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Business Hacks: Rewarding Customer Engagement Strategies

A business without a marketing platform in this technological era does not only lag in many ways but it will not be taken seriously. If for ...

A business without a marketing platform in this technological era does not only lag in many ways but it will not be taken seriously.

If for example, you don’t have a website for your business, you are probably losing out on potential clients to your competitors who have an interactive website.

By @Comic24Derick

By creating a platform dedicated to selling your products and services, you are creating an avenue to interact with your customers regularly. 

In addition, they know where to find you and you can also respond to them directly to answer their questions.

“Prioritize content marketing. According to DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62 percent less and generates approximately three times more leads than traditional marketing, making it a valuable strategy for small businesses,” advocates Syed Balkhi for the Entrepreneur magazine.

A business that doesn’t have a website to interact with their customers are not saving money they are losing out on revenue. Creating your own content to tell your own story, uniquely, using readily available, affordable media platforms.

Plan everything before anything happens. (Image:

The Entrepreneur adds: “Having a blog on your site that offers engaging and useful content presents your business as an expert in your industry and can help you build a trusting relationship with your audience.”

With a functional blog or website, you don’t need to engage experts to speak on your behalf. Rather, you will become a provider of solutions, and people will trust you more because you are easily accessible when they need you.

Jessie Shternshus, founded Improv Effect in 20017 intending to help businesses reach their full potential by employing interpersonal communication advocates for entrepreneurs to think three steps ahead.

In an article for Hack The Entrepreneur, she was quoted as saying: “I follow my gut. I don’t play chess, but I imagine that if I did, I would think of every opportunity three steps ahead in every possible direction. Even if it seems like something would benefit me in the now, it might not benefit me in the long run.”

Plan everything before anything happens. Whether it's success or failure, be ready to accept and deal with it. Avoid being caught off guard and napping, while your business burns down.

Shternshus added: “I love the comparison between entrepreneurship and playing chess. You always have to think three steps ahead. Don’t just ask yourself, “What is happening right now?” but “What will happen three steps from the action I’m going to take today?”

Study and evaluate the effects of each outcome before it happens. After all, you are working for the future and not the past, so it matters to predict the future.

You have heard it before, on how it's vital to start earlier than your counterparts. And an article in the Creative Click Media is just adding emphasis.

“My favorite productivity tip is to commit to one important task in the early hours of the day, before 8 AM. During this one-to-two-hour block of time, I’m not receiving emails or phone calls.” Put everything aside and focus on the task at hand, added the Creative Click Media.

“This means I can hyper-focus on the work at hand, which is usually the thing on my to-do list that’s the most creatively demanding, or else an annoying task that I’d be inclined to put off later in the day when I’m not as focused or alert.”

Emails, social media can become unnecessary distractions. To address that problem, Catherine Vanvonno suggests that you stop checking your email compulsively.

“Have people replied to your newsletter yet?” Vanvonno asks. “How many subscriptions did you get today? These concerns will keep pulling at your thoughts if you left them. As a result, you end up refreshing your email again and again.”

The solution, Vanvonno suggests that you, “Set aside a specific schedule for reading and replying to emails. This could also be one of the things you can appoint to your virtual assistant. Ask your VA to alert you only if there’s something urgent or if it’s the email you’ve been waiting for.”

Be careful, if you don’t follow this, you will spend the whole day responding to emails, only, while you ignore other important tasks at hand.

Pay Simple, weighs in with how to set smart, process-based goals. “The last self-help book you read might have discussed setting goals with the SMART system,” the website said.

It added, “It’s a widely accepted practice of setting goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timeframe-based. By making sure your aspirations have those characteristics, you’ll be more likely to achieve the goals you set.”

Don’t just list your goals, but give them a specific name and when they should be accomplished. Speak out about what you aim to achieve. Share your vision with people who matter and get their input.

“However, it’s not enough if the goals only exist in your head. It’s ideal to write them down and talk about them with a friend. 76 percent of people who did this achieved their goals, while only 43 percent succeeded with unwritten aspirations,” Pay Simple added.

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