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Bottom Line: Know Your Networking Goals

Every serious business has an address that makes it easy to be identified by its prospects. With your physical address, social media platfor...

Every serious business has an address that makes it easy to be identified by its prospects.

With your physical address, social media platforms, or website, you can be located easily. These platforms are proven ways that will do most of the marketing more than the word of mouth, or any other ways that you might ever imagine.

The people that you interact with must know about you before you even introduce yourself because your online presence has created a channel for you to get noticed. 

Host Gator contributor, Casey Kelly-Barton urges her readers to “Know your networking goals.”

As an expert in SMB marketing, Casey further says, “Letting people know what you do is step one in networking. You can let people know what you’re doing without being too promotional, and you can introduce yourself to prospects without trying to make a sale.”

Business is about being known to the people that matter. And only then, can you progress in your business. Don’t let the chance to network pass you without utilizing it. But the best way to know the public, you must create a permanent online presence.
“The next step is to look for opportunities.” (Image:
“Your URL is enough to let people check out your business and learn more at this stage,” added the Host Gator. 

It added, “Networking with other business owners is a great way to find out what works, what doesn’t, and what’s the next big thing in your niche or region. This should be an ongoing part of your networking.”

Creating a permanent link with people who are better placed in a business is a process that needs to be learned. Opportunities are sometimes hidden in unimaginable locations, and it takes a lot of experience and courage to locate them.

A piece featured by CHRON, credited to Nicky LaMarco urges aspiring business owners to gather networking tips.

“The next step is to look for opportunities,” meaning that openings that you need for your business take effort to be located and manifest in your business. “You can find opportunities in-home business magazines such as the Small Business Opportunities section of Entrepreneur.”

In short, prospects are everywhere, but it takes a diligent person to locate them. For starters, you can use magazines, the internet, and other advertising performs that you have access to.

CHRON continues: “You will find network marketing companies you can contact. You can call some of the listed distributors, as they are people who were once newbies, just like you. You should ask to speak to their upline sponsors, who have more experience and knowledge about the company.”

In your business, be prepared for disappointments, because they will always arise. But with the right people in your groups, you will be directed to the next person who will satisfy your desires.

“When you leave the conversation, if it's not turning into a meeting or a sale, you can ask, “Do you know anyone I might be able to help with XYZ?” This gets them thinking about their own circle, and they may have someone who is looking for exactly what you offer,” Susan Guillory wrote for Forbes magazine.

Never lose hope when you are let down when you are denied access to your destiny. Forbes continued: “By the way, I'm trying this approach in dating, asking friends if they know any amazing men that are good enough for me. (Stay tuned on that.)”

Going for networking functions is not a party. Yes, you may enjoy it but know why you are there in the first instance. 

A conference is an opportunity to strike new business deals, meet potential business partners and cultivate your networking skills. Have a visible address. Define yourself and what you do.

“Be prepared,” Prosperity Place encouraged. “Bring plenty of business cards, but only give them to people who show a real interest in what you do. Brochures or printed postcards can also be effective. Also, craft a short description of what you do — no more than 10 or 15 seconds.”

Business Know-How, an award-winning small business website, and web publisher mentions that you must identify conversational icebreakers.

April Maguire in the article stated that: “If you want to overcome initial awkwardness and make a good first impression, consider opening with a compliment. For example, you might tell the person sitting next to you at a seminar that you like their shoes or tie.”

Networking is not only about sharing ideas or exchanging contacts, you need to know who to target and how to win their hearts. Compliments must not be understated; they are powerful to win people into your circles.

“Similarly, asking a question gives contacts the chance to talk about themselves. Ask how they got into the field or what they think of a recent development affecting your industry,” Maguire proceeded.

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