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Tinashe Mugabe: The DNA Man Who ‘Liberates’ Families

Harare – Zimbabweans who witnessed Robert Mugabe’s reign of terror, an era of gnashing teeth, will testify his ruthless modus operandi. Once...

Harare – Zimbabweans who witnessed Robert Mugabe’s reign of terror, an era of gnashing teeth, will testify his ruthless modus operandi.

Once famed as a hero early in his political life, siding with the people to champion their cause in whatever they were doing.

By @Comic24Derick

Historically, he began to fight the white regime at a tender age, until his demise in September 2019, aged 95 years. At the close, Mugabe somersaulted into a villain in his final days.

After decades at the helm, his undisputed reign came to a halt, courtesy of his trusted lieutenants, aided by the army in November 2017. On his deathbed, he was both celebrated and despised at the same time.

While some called him a ‘sellout’, a section, mainly his family circle saluted him as a national liberator, who had emancipated, during and after the war of liberation, resulting in the country’s independence in 1980, after decades of continuous warring.

Two years onwards, with Robert Mugabe gone, another Mugabe, not Robert, but Tinashe has risen to liberate families seeking to resolve their DNA status disputes. 
The DNA Man, Tinashe Mugabe. (Image: Facebook)
Since Tinashe Mugabe’s coming into the spotlight, he has assisted many belligerent families to locate closure, especially paternity, through his DNA Closure Show, earning himself a befitting title: The DNA Man.

The popular show, also aired on the state broadcaster, has engrossed many curious viewers even outside the country, who follow the show religiously but were starved of the drama that usually unfolds.

Calmly, Mugabe, an up-and-coming TV broadcaster has so far exposed shenanigans, as well as resolved doubts within various families.

Mugabe and his DNA team are moving around the country to expose some secrets that have been entrenched within families, sometimes haunting innocent spouses.

In one instance, they featured a disputing couple in Mutoko, a village 145 kilometers from Harare. In another episode, they were in another village attempting to untangle a vexing love triangle between a married couple, and the husband’s younger brother.

The probing concluded that the younger brother had indeed fathered the child, after being enticed by his brother’s wife, to quench her sexual appetite in the absence of her husband.

Similarly, countless episodes have exposed mothers who were cheating their spouses. In reverse, it has also helped explain doubts that might have existed within different families.

Often, this has left some families shocked, sometimes in tatters, with no hope of reconciliation. On a positive note, the blistering episode has left a footprint regarding DNA testing in Zimbabwe.

The show has brought some positives, after well-wishers have pooled resources to assist some of the featured guests, sending in trinkets and cash to assist these people, who braved the storm to appear live on social media.

Mugabe has also launched a foundation to assist some of the guests on the show.

The handouts have come in handy, especially for those who are left confused by the outcome of the relationship. The revealing programme is getting endorsements from local and viewers abroad, some calling Mugabe a ‘god’, a moniker previously apportioned to the late Mugabe.

Mugabe’s expose has ignited a social media frenzy, including TikTok, making the DNA man an instant hero, mainly towards spouses who felt cheated in the affair.

Once more, the Mugabe name has become famous, depending on one’s side, two years after the former president’s death. Other pessimists, have however dismissed Mugabe as a charlatan, seeking to destroy families, although DNA tests are believed to be precise.

Taking a cue from popular paternity reality shows on big broadcasters, the DNA Man has carved a name for himself, beyond the borders of the country, bringing a new concept that was somehow alien to the nation, mainly due to inhibiting costs.

Before DNA tests were not affordable to many, now, Mugabe’s closure team has availed affordable services, starting from USD $120. Besides, DNA tests, Mugabe’s company also partakes home paternity tests, legal paternity tests, among others.

Further, the team is initiating an investigative department, to locate the absent spouse after a disputed paternity test, in a bid to locate finality, according to Mugabe.

Paternity disputes are rampant in the country, according to the number of people seeking the services. Although the exact figures are unclear, some publications have previously claimed that an estimated 70 percent of fathers are raising children who are not theirs.

However, the Zim Fact website says these statements are not factual, but mere speculation, in a bid to lure men for paternity tests by the companies in question.

As a parting shot, Mugabe announces, “There are more blessings in giving than receiving. Our desire is not only to give peace of mind but to establish or create relationships and also to belong to unite and to move on in this life. There is a reason we exist at the same time.”

To those exposed, Mugabe is now a traitor, but to those who now know the truth, regarding their children and spouses, the DNA Man is a true liberator.

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