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Bad Habits: Entrepreneurs Cannot Let Go This One, Never

One of the most common demands stated by most recruiters when they are seeking new talent is that they need someone who can multitask. This ...

One of the most common demands stated by most recruiters when they are seeking new talent is that they need someone who can multitask.

This refers to an individual who can do more than one thing at a time.

By @Comic24Derick 

By multitasking, you must be able to handle more than one project at a time, and you are capable of completing them on time and see it through to perfection.

And if you admit during the interview that you can multitask, then you will not have any excuses in the future.

Many entrepreneurs are also trying to be different things at the same time, which might create confusion and lack of focus. Stop trying to be a superhero, warns Christina Desmarais of

“Stop multi-tasking,” said Desmarais, while quoting Vinita Venkatesh, VP of product marketing for Mya Systems. “There are a million things that we want to accomplish each day. However, multi-tasking doesn’t really help us get anything done to its fullest extent.”

Doing many jobs at one go might seem like you are accomplishing something, yet you are going round in circles because you are not committing ample time to each task. 

Rather focus on a specific task at a time, and then move on to the next when you are done. Desmarais adds: “Instead, each day I focus on compartmentalizing different streams of thought or activity to help reduce the transition time between the many things I need to get done.”
Options are limitless, depending on what suits you and what you want to achieve. (Image:

Smokers take smoke breaks to recharge their creative batteries. Athletes need water breaks to cool off. But for Spanx founder Sarah Blakely, prefers what she calls a “fake commute.”

“Develop a daily habit that gives you the time and space to do your most creative thinking. For Spanx founder Sarah Blakely, this means driving around in the car,” said Justin Biel, a writer for Oracle NetSuite.

To prove the power of her habit, Blakely conceived the Spanx brand while she was driving.

“She takes a “fake commute” that allows her to drive around Atlanta for a full 45 minutes before getting into work, she told CNBC. After all, she came up with the name Spanx while driving,” added Oracle NetSuite.

Options are limitless, depending on what suits you and what you want to achieve.

The Oracle NetSuite writeup added: “Similarly, you can use creativity-boosting activities to bring in game-changing business ideas. Try physical exercise, getting into nature, doodling, or taking a power nap, all of which are proven to boost creativity.”

The Duct Tape Marketing founder, John Jantsch admits that most entrepreneurs work under stress, therefore, they demand to stay alert but it needs more to stay relevant.

“Take care of the plant. Running a business is physically demanding and mentally stressful. Yes, it’s also a pretty awesome ride, but only if you maintain the stamina to put in long, high-energy days,” Jantsch said in his contribution carried by the Duct Tape Marketing.

From his experience, Jantsch shares the benefits of engaging in activities that benefit your body.

Jantsch continues: “The most successful business owners I’ve worked with take time to recharge, reenergize and refuel through things like exercise, healthy eating, and rest.”

“Once you’ve been doing this for a while you start to realize that the time you invest in these kinds of things pays some pretty hefty dividends in terms of productivity.”

Always, the temptation to try and win in every will present itself in business. To overcome that lure, Chris Ducker suggests that one must focus on what one can control.

“The craziest things will happen while building a business, and since luck is a coin with two sides, you’ll discover that both good and bad situations will come knocking. The most important thing, however, is to remember that your job is to only focus on what you can control.”

No matter how good you are, you cannot win in every situation. Customers will come and go, it’s part of the game.

Ducker added: “This means…Identify the tangible steps you can take each day towards achieving your business goals. It’s not enough just to list them. Don’t lose sleep over losing a large client. Instead, focus on ways you can consistently cultivate new opportunities.”

Laurent Uberti, co-founder, president, and CEO of Sitel Group further advocates for business owners to act with agility and simplicity.

Uberti, as quoted by Christina Desmarais of said, “Our world is becoming more and more complex with new technologies and digital resources at our fingertips but what I’ve found to be the most helpful is simplifying how we communicate with team members in order to drive meaningful change and innovation.”

Uberti believes employees must be kept in the loop of what is happening, and avoid the red tape that exists in some organizations. 

Uberti added: “We follow what is called a small tent strategy where we encourage working in small groups which helps us to make decisions quickly.”

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