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Focus Small: Steps That Leads To Your Success

“Focus small,” wrote Jeff Charles for Small Business Trends in his article titled: 5 Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs. “If you’re doing entrepre...

“Focus small,” wrote Jeff Charles for Small Business Trends in his article titled: 5 Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs.

“If you’re doing entrepreneurship right, you probably have an overall vision of where you want to take your company. You likely have a series of goals you wish to accomplish, and at times, this can seem daunting.”

By @Comic24Derick

In the write-up, Charles was emphasizing the idea of being realistic. Don’t think too widely or bite more than you can chew.

Goals are good, yes, but if they are too big, they can cause you to fail in whatever you are aiming to achieve. You must understand that some ideas take time to mature.

Take each step, it is necessary, however small it may be as an achievement and a direction towards something bigger. Every victory, no matter minute is important, so embrace it and celebrate each milestone as it comes.

The Small Business Trends: “After all, nobody can achieve their ultimate objectives overnight, right? To avoid becoming discouraged by your progress, start focusing on smaller wins.” 

“Each day, you should make sure that you are accomplishing something that moves you closer towards your objective. Celebrate the small wins.”
The way you behave when you are under pressure will greatly determine your character. (Image: 
If you can admit you are not right all the time, then you are on the right track as an entrepreneur. Understand that you are a human being, and you fail in some instances. Admit your oversights in life, and only then can you grow.

“Be wrong,” Jon Nastor wrote in the Entrepreneur magazine. “Chris Brogan, CEO of Owner Media Group and New York Times best-selling author, says that the only way wrong ends up being bad is if you learn nothing. If you fail at something, remember that you need to reframe failure as an outcome you didn’t expect.”

The best way to learn is when you make mistakes. Yes, mistakes will break and disappoint, probably break you a couple of times, but you must be prepared to soldier on. And if you fail in delivering as promised earlier, be humble to admit and say you are sorry.

“When you’re wrong and have to close down a project you’ve been working on, apologize to everyone that it didn’t go the way you wanted. Then learn from the mistake and move forward,” added the Entrepreneur magazine.

Again, delegating is central for any business, whether small or big, according to Catherine Vanvonno for Smart Marketing Tools.

Understand your staff and know who you can trust to handle a particular task. Don’t micromanage, but rather offer advice and proper guidance. Give your workers room to make crucial decisions on your behalf.

The Smart Marketing Tools added: “Whether you are working with a virtual staff or in-house assistants, ease up some control over your obligations and let other people take care of them. This doesn’t mean avoiding the things you don’t like doing. Recognize which jobs other people are better at, and let them handle those for you.”

By now you should know about MIT’s and should appreciate how it works. In defining MIT’s, Jeff Charles for Small Business Trends said.

“Stick To Your MIT’s. The busy life of the entrepreneur is fraught with distractions. No matter how hard you try to get things done, different situations arise that demand your attention.”

The way you behave when you are under pressure will greatly determine your character.

“For this reason, you must always make sure you focus on your MIT — Most Important Task. Each day, you must have a goal in mind that you want to accomplish before packing it in. You will likely have a number of tasks you wish to complete each day, but you’re only human,” adds Jeff Charles.

Know your limits, after all, you are only human. “Before starting your day, identify the absolute most important thing you need to get done before quitting for the day and make sure you complete that task.”

The world is changing every day. Find the systems that best suits you and concentrate on how effectively implement them. Your business must be left behind with the evolution of technology.

“Automate Everything,” encourages Alice Jackson, while writing for Design Hill. “Do not waste your time and money in personally managing various activities of your company as this practice will stagnate your business growth.”

Instead of channeling your funds towards other things, you must learn to let technology help you work smarter. When you have a system that will always update you, you can spare more time to focus on other things.

“Instead, opt for automation of most basic works to free up your valuable time. This also helps in eliminating distractions. You can save time by automating your email and content marketing. Your new customer sales can also be put on automated mode.”

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