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Business Masterclass: Ask Questions About Everything

People who ask questions stand a better chance to learn more and succeed. No reason should stop you to ask questions because it is the only ...

People who ask questions stand a better chance to learn more and succeed.

No reason should stop you to ask questions because it is the only way to get more information. Never shy away from learning.

By @Comic24Derick

Don’t despise the little questions that you ask, because they are important for you to grow in wisdom. Stay humble and ask the relevant questions, which are who, why, what, when, and how?

“Ask questions,” urged Robert Adams, writing for the Entrepreneur magazine. “Children are so curious. They ask millions of questions about the most basic things. Their little minds are trying to make sense of the big wide world around them.”

Never get tired of asking questions, even if they may seem stupid. Behave like a child, who believes that their elders know everything.

Become an innocent learner. Stop criticizing what you don’t know. First, seek wisdom, and only then can you grow. the moment you stop asking questions, you cease to develop.

The Entrepreneur adds: “However, as adults, we often stop asking questions. We live in this little bubble where we think we know the answers to everything. Largely, this is born out of ego, but it’s highly destructive in business. To truly succeed, you need to ask questions. Lots of questions.”
There is nothing known as a dumb question. Contrary, when you stop asking, you become dumb. (Image:
There is nothing known as a dumb question. Contrary, when you stop asking, you become dumb.

“Make it habitual. Ask questions about everything. And listen to the answers. Listen to the perspectives of others. Don’t simply ask the question for the sake of asking them. Heed the advice given. Understand and learn from the firsthand knowledge of others,” the Entrepreneur continued.

After getting the relevant responses to your questions, make good use of them. Practice it and see if it works. Take action. Implement the wisdom you have gathered.

According to Walter Winchell, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

Winchell’s statement is substantiated by Jeff Bullas who urges entrepreneurs to find positive friends. “It’s easier to feel better about ourselves and reach higher when we have positive people cheering us on. Good friends will help you achieve more, rather than tearing you down.”

Don’t celebrate being alone. Everyone needs somebody, including you. Identify your true friends. Listen to their advice, and they will enable you to attain high places. “Get out of the comfort zone,” declares Christina Desmarais.

Chris Aimone, cofounder, and CTO of Interaxon in the article written for by Desmarais say: “No matter how busy I get, I practice flow daily. Flow means different things to everyone, but for me, flow is being deeply immersed in an activity to the extent that all mental chatter disappears, and I stop having self-referential thoughts.”

Aimone adds: “If I am able to get flow in the first one to two hours of the day, what follows is more potent, and gets me in the zone for the rest of the day.”

Let humble and honest behavior become part of daily habits. In doing so, you locate where you are going wrong and you can address them. 

“Business success requires the ability to know your strengths and weaknesses. Being open and honest about yourself and your business creates growth as an individual and as a company,” says the Balance Small Business.

If you take time to develop what you are good at, you will sharpen your skill set. The Balance Small Business added: “Don’t spend time developing weaknesses. Find help for weak areas, enabling you to focus on strengths. 

In the book, “Now, Discover Your Strengths,” Gallup Organization reveals that building our strengths instead of fixing our weaknesses is the path to mastery and success. Take the time to know yourself and business.”

Great leaders are good listeners. It is suggested that the greater part of a conversation must be listening and not talking. “Listen for as many minutes as you speak,” articulated the Oracle NetSuite. 

“Richard Branson doesn’t think he has all the answers. The business magnate is constantly listening and learning, his daughter Holly told CNBC. It wouldn’t be surprising if Branson’s desire for feedback were tied to his life goal of making the planet and its people better, happier and healthier.”

A good listening habit will assist in the development of lasting, strong relationships between two parties. An entrepreneur who takes time to develop a strong listening habit will have a strong team. Sadly, most people demand that they be listened to but they don’t do the same.

“This habit of listening can have massive benefits in an organization. In the Harvard Business Review, researchers Guy Itzchakov and Avraham M. Kluger summarize research that suggests good listening results in more trust between employer and employee, higher job satisfaction, and more creativity,” Justin Biel added in his article for the Oracle NetSuite.

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