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Mindful Habit: How to Cultivate this for Your Business

An entrepreneur must take time to be mindful, warns Christina Desamarais writing for To be mindful means to be conscious or aware o...

An entrepreneur must take time to be mindful, warns Christina Desamarais writing for

To be mindful means to be conscious or aware of something that is happening around you. With many things happening at the same time that demands your attention, you must be aware to stay focused on the task ahead of you.

By @Comic24Derick

Desamarais suggested what Eyal Barad, co-founder, and CEO of Cannabics Pharmaceuticals said. “This can be reading, meditating [or] praying. Take these moments to be thankful for all we have and it can serve as fuel to move you forward.”

Regular reading, for example, strengthens the brain, it increases empathy and builds your vocabulary. Other benefits of reading include reducing stress, aids sleep, alleviates depression, and lengthens lifespan.

In addition to reading, you must start to meditate for it promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness, and may help fight certain addictions that might be haunting you.

Another best business habit proposed by for entrepreneurs is to track your progress. How do you do that, you may ask? 

Because you have a busy schedule and private life, family, and children that require your attention. Studies prove that you can do this by monitoring daily progress.
“They are rarely very good at teaching employees how and why to do things...” (Image: 

Make it a point to track your weekly success. Establish a transparent reward system. If your targets are hard to hit, shift the goalposts often. And plan your time using a dedicated application or keeping a journal on your side.

Life is not an accident; it happens for a reason. It must not happen randomly. Each outcome must be determined and driven by the goals and targets that you set for yourself. Every step that you take must be written down and followed through to completion.

Make it a point to accomplish every plan that you write down within the set time frame. And when you fail, review it and analyze why it has failed. 

If possible, revisit it to see how you can accomplish the plan. How can you do it better and more efficiently the next time to avoid the previous mistakes.

“Set goals every day, and you’ll go to bed feeling accomplished. It could be as simple as applying for a dream job or organizing your child’s birthday party. Whatever’s important to you, plan to achieve it,” the website says.

If we may ask, suppose you are learning, what is your motivation to do so. Are you doing it for the privilege? Or you are seeking to become a better person after you have completed the learning process.

An entrepreneur who is seeking to grow out of a certain comfort zone must be dedicated to learn new things every day. Don’t let a learning opportunity to pass you. And never look down upon mentors who are willing to teach you because you think you have “been there before.”

“Love to learn, learn to teach. Some of the most successful business owners are really great at selling, but they don’t sell so much as passionately teach,” said the Duct Tape Marketing.

After getting the information pass it on. Your growth in life is not measured by the amount of wealth you gather for yourself, but rather by the number of people you groom to do what you have done or even better than you.

When you teach, your influence will multiply because they are your products. Whenever you teach, you are also learning something, it is a symbiotic process.

The Duct Tape Marketing adds: “Here’s the funny thing though, many don’t like to teach. Just ask someone who works for a small business owner.”

“They are rarely very good at teaching employees how and why to do things, but they are generally insatiable learners who realize they need to figure out how to teach and tell stories in order to succeed,” the article continued.

Each day of the week must yield something different for your business. Never complete a day without achieving something tangible. Find the days when you are creative, and focus on that. Schedule a particular day for meetings and fully utilize them.

“Batch your week. For Blakely, Monday is “think/creative” day, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she meets with her product and creative teams. Wednesday is for meetings, and she uses Friday as needed, she told Inc,” Justin Biel said in his article for the Oracle NetSuite.

The habit of batching tasks has been used effectively by other successful entrepreneurs. Each day they focus on certain tasks and do not allow other things to change that schedule.

“Other entrepreneurs have also found productivity in batching activities. Modular Robotic CEO Erik Schweikardt groups all his meetings into a single day of the week. Anna Wood, CEO of Brains Over Blonde, batches her week into time blocks for writing, emailing, running errands, housework, and more,” the Oracle NetSuite said.

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