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Online Networking: Connecting with Experts, Competitors & Clients

With the advancement of technology, creating swift interaction has been made easier. Digital networking for example incorporates marketplace...

With the advancement of technology, creating swift interaction has been made easier.

Digital networking for example incorporates marketplaces, platforms, data networks, communication networks, and all the important parts, including social media.

By @Comic24Derick

These platforms help to bring people from different backgrounds closer and share things that matter in a bid to have a prosperous business community.

In such scenarios, the world has become a global village that can trade and interact at the touch of a button.

“Online networking opportunities may be the best thing about social media,” Casey Kelly-Barton said in an article for HostGator.

“Industry groups on Facebook and LinkedIn give you access to people in your industry, and local business groups on Facebook can help you keep up with events you may want to attend in person.”

It's not a coincidence that people who have the same interests are linked on the same social platforms. Naturally, they are drawn by what bounds them together.

With those people within reach via technology, you can easily become a family and share important and ideas at any given time, despite your location and time differences.
“Online networking opportunities may be the best thing about social media.” (Image:

While social media avails the opportunity to share lighter moments, it, however, is also a chance to interact and interrogate your ideas with other entrepreneurs who share the same goals as you.

Never be tempted to abuse social media to share less important things. Utilize every moment to interact with people who have influence. Make use of such platforms to your advantage.

To become noticeable, like, comment, and share contributions by people who you seek to emulate and become your mentors in the business.

The HostGator article further adds: “You can also set up your own groups on these platforms or on Skype or Slack to keep in touch with your colleagues and bounce ideas off each other.”

In addition, meeting a lot of people will transform your thinking and the way you view the world. With that in mind, never underestimate relationships that you establish, even from afar, because they will change your life in a certain way.

“The best way to make lucky things happen is to make a lot of things happen. Go outside. Manufacture serendipity,” revealed Mike Fishbein for the Life Hack.

Attend conferences or seminars with an open mind. Don’t limit your vision. Understand what you can and cannot do, and try to improve that during close interactions.

Follow your mentors online and offline. If you are willing, the opportunities to meet great are always available.

“Ways to meet new people include conferences, events,, Quora, asking people you know for introductions, reaching out to people directly, personal interest groups, intramural sports leagues, classes and workshops, parties, happy hours, alumni associations, Twitter, and LinkedIn groups,” Fishbein continued.

“What is business networking?” asks Susan Ward. “Business networking is a term that refers to meeting other business owners, potential suppliers, or other professionals who have business experiences—to help you grow your business.”

At seminars, you will encounter people who stretch you to your limits. There, you will meet all sorts of people, so your faith will be tested, and you need to stand your ground. 

Believe me, know why you are there. Pick the things that are relevant to your growth and take them in.

“Networking gives you a pool of experts that range from competitors to clients, and allows you to offer something to them; hopefully in exchange for their services, advice, knowledge, or contacts,” said Ward.

Know whom to target and prepare the relevant questions. If you are an engineering company, seek people who will give you the appropriate responses. Search for people who will make you feel relevant and want to continue in your business.

However, you need to understand that these people have limitations as well, but for your benefit, just listen to them and continue to grow.

“So what do you want in your business? Are you asking for it? If you want more sales, talk to people at networking events about the area you specialize in,” Susan Guillory wrote for Forbes.

By associating with professionals, you learn to become an allrounder.

Susan Guillory said: “If you’re an accountant, ask if they manage their own accounting software and invoices or have a professional, they work with. Ask what pain points they have.”

“Even if they're not in the market for an accountant, you may still be able to provide useful tips they'll be glad to have, and you never know who they know they can refer you to.”

Celebrating people is a way to improve your marketing skills. One of those ways is by creating your postcards or order them from your network marketing company,” The Balance Small Business says. 

“The company should include your website on the postcard.”

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