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Exposed: Man Pretends as Woman in 16-Month Marriage

After a 16-month marriage, a man who posed as a woman was finally was exposed after displaying deftly touches, that left many mesmerised, du...

After a 16-month marriage, a man who posed as a woman was finally was exposed after displaying deftly touches, that left many mesmerised, during a women’s football match.

Morris Muchena lived with Andrew Chafa as husband and wife in Honde Valley, a picturesque rural part of Manicaland province. Muchena was known to her in-laws as Emily Muswere allegedly from Murehwa.

His mother-in-law said she regularly teased him about his masculinity, but he blind-sighted her with a “perfect execution of household chores,” the Manica Post reported.

Muchena’s luck ran out when he played for his new village’s football team against a team from nearby Chisuko Village where he grew up.

“The nibble-footed Muchena mesmerised football fans with his moves and dexterity. With all the spotlight beamed on him, his childhood peers identified him and let the cat out of the bag,” the Post reported.

When confronted, Muchena – who played with a wig on – allegedly told stunned villagers that he was a member of a satanic cult which gave him powers to change into a woman during the night in order to satisfy his “husband” in bed.

Police do not believe his story, however. Instead they are investigating both men on public morality offences and engaging in a same sex marriage which is prohibited under Zimbabwean law.
 Morris Muchena: Man Pretends as Woman in 16-Month Marriage, Exposed 
“It appears as though they were consenting parties in a homosexual relationship,” Inspector Nobert Muzondo of Manicaland police said. Muzondo did not say what charges the men are facing, adding that investigations were in progress.

A witness who was at the football match said: “We challenged him to remove his wig, but he refused. He said if he removed it he would disappear for 24 hours. We were frightened and waited for his husband, Andrew, to come.

“When Andrew arrived, he was shocked. He said he had not realised that he was sharing the same bed with a man. Andrew said it was the end of their marriage.”

Village head Madzinga, real name Webster Mhuru, said: “This is an abomination. Andrew got married to ‘Emily’ around November 2020. His family came to me and announced that they were welcoming a new bride into their home.

After he was exposed, Morris’ relatives travelled from Chisuko looking for him. Morris was summoned to Madzinga’s homestead, where he arrived dressed as a woman.

Initially, he denied knowing his two relatives but later confessed that he is a man. Further allegations are that Morris opened up on how he was initiated by a Harare friend into a satanic cult that enables him to turn into a woman whenever ‘her husband’ wants to be intimate with ‘her’.

Morris was a teacher at a private school in Harare before he stopped reporting for duty at the time of his ‘marriage’.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Inspector Nobert Muzondo confirmed the incident and said while investigations are still underway, it appears like Morris and Andrew were in a consensual same-sex marriage.

Both Norris and Andrew have since been locked up on charges of sodomy.

“This is a clear case of sodomy. How can one’s organs change at night and revert back to normal during the day? It appears like they were consenting parties and that is homosexuality. These are some of the bizarre things that are happening in our communities. Society frowns upon such acts,” said Inspector Munondo.

Same-sex sexual activity is prohibited under the Criminal Law Act 2006, which criminalises acts of ‘sodomy’. This provision carries a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment and a fine. 

Zimbabwe codified its criminal laws in 2006, explicitly criminalising same-sex sexual activity in legislation for the first time since it gained its independence. 

Prior to this, Zimbabwe’s criminal provisions operated under the common law inherited from the British during the colonial period, under which ‘sodomy’ was criminalised. - Online Sources 

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