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Prophet Walter Magaya: The ‘messiah’ Of Zimbabwe Football

HARARE – Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya has become a ‘messiah’ for ‘resurrecting’ Zimbabw...

HARARE – Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya has become a ‘messiah’ for ‘resurrecting’ Zimbabwean football from its death throes, after the governing board Zifa frequently failed to avail resources.

The football-mad prophet according to sections of Zimbabwe press, has on various occasions bailed out the bankrupt Zimbabwe Football Association by sponsoring both the male and female national football teams’ continental trips.

His kind gesture has often come at crucial moments, after the ever-bugling Zifa has prophesied its financial crunch but have pushed on to save face. Recently he bailed out the association by paying travel allowances for the squad who were threatening to boycott an international fixture in Malawi.

Speaking at the handover ceremony he said, “Soccer is a very important game in this country, it unites our nation and we can’t afford the challenges to overwhelm us. We have to be united for the sake of our nation.”

Magaya’s comments came after Zimbabwe were booted out of World Cup qualifiers for failing to pay Valinos, a former senior team coach his dues.

The magnetic prophet is constructing a 15 000-seater stadium in Waterfalls, Harare. According to witnesses, the up-to-date sports facility which costs a ‘few million dollars’ is meant to develop and promote talent in the community.

The facility makes a mockery for local municipal stadiums and teams such as Dynamos, in existence since 1965 that don’t have a stadium nor a website.

“It’s not only the soccer stadium I am building in Prospect, Harare but also two basket courts, volleyball court, a running track for athletics and I am also planning to include a boxing ring.

“I am building this facility mainly for the benefit of the community. I have discovered that Zimbabwe has a lot of talent but we are failing to identify and promote them,” he said.

This gesture is plus to his support of lower division soccer setup, Yadah Gunners. Though he could not reveal the price of the mammoth project, he insists the income comes from partners and not church coffers.

“Most people think I make money through church offerings but to be honest most of our cash comes from our partners. Offerings collection (money) is not enough to sustain our projects.”

He also revealed his interest in running for the vacant Zifa presidency “if given the opportunity.” The prophet recently scored a goal for his outfit in a game played at his stadium at the close of the second tier season.

And during the 13th edition of the Zimbabwe National Youth Games in Mutare, the flamboyant preacher donated 10 soccer kits towards women and boys clubs. – The Aloe News

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