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2016 Prophecies Begin To Manifest

HARARE. – Barely a week into the 2016 calendar, prophesies conveyed by various servants of God around the globe at the onset of the New Yea...

HARARE. – Barely a week into the 2016 calendar, prophesies conveyed by various servants of God around the globe at the onset of the New Year have already commenced to manifest.


As per custom, many churches held crossover night vigils in prayer awaiting the onset of 2016. 

Floods, Typhoons And Drought Have Been Predicted In 2016
“(2016) is the beginning of a seven-year cycle of famine for many nations; seven years of plenty for some. It is also a year of great grace, favour and salvation,” according to predictions gleaned from Prophetess Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Lyston and Prophetess Michelle Lyston. 

This prediction confirms fears of another drought in southern Africa, including Harare with most of parts of the country experiencing incessant heat waves plus excessive moisture stress. 

Rowdy youths and kombi crews patrol the streets of Chitungwiza, using catapults against the police. —(Pictures by Innocent Makawa and Lovemore Meya)
Rowdy Commuter Crews Turned On The Police In Zimbabwe Protesting An Increase In Fees
"In other words, as for now, chances are high that our season may not get the usual rains. It must be pointed out that, despite the outlook, the weather patterns have changed abruptly,” a cabinet minister in Harare was quoted. 

Prophet Blessing Chiza, a Zimbabwean prophet predicted “a critical water shortage problem in the next two or three years,” a warning for governments to plan wisely for the impending drought. Though water shortages had been prevalent, the latest revelations means a three-year contingent plan is needed.

Blood baths have recently come common in Harare, after a similar prophecy. 

Prophet Blessing Chiza Has Predicted An Insurgence In Murders In Zimbabwe And A 'Women President In Zimbabwe, soon' 
“I see a murder spirit increasing, newspapers will be reporting stories of murders by knife, knobkerries, axes, it’s a blood spirit, but we must pray and stop it from claiming the lives of many,” mentioned Prophet Chiza. 

To date, a teenager has stabbed a 41-year-old maid to death; a man fought a hooker and stabbed a peacemaker. In Lupane, a man stabbed a policeman before on New Year’s Eve, while a Zimbabwean national was detained in South Africa for allegedly killing a South African policeman.

Apostle Pride Sibiya of Glory Ministries also cautioned parents to pray for their children because a spirit would be fighting them with an insurgency in drug and alcohol abuse recorded. 

"Don't Join Demonstrations And Pray For Your Children And National Airline." Apostle Pride Sibiya
He cautioned people against joining demonstrations as they may turn violent. A week later, a demonstration by commuter operators turned violent in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe’s satellite town - resulting in injuries, wanton damage to property and subsequent arrests. 

Another warning on airline safety was issued for 2016 after a surge of air flights disasters in 2015.

“God wants all airlines worldwide, pilots, security, ground staff, and flight attendants to check everything 100 per cent before take-off! Check planes, baggage, everything thoroughly.”

Apostle Sibiya solicited for prayers for Air Zimbabwe airline, the nation’s largest carrier against any possible accidents.

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