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5 Things You Should Never Say At A Wedding

Weddings can, at times, be the Olympics of socialising. Hopefully, you’ll get a few moments with the bride and groom, during which you’ll e...

Weddings can, at times, be the Olympics of socialising. Hopefully, you’ll get a few moments with the bride and groom, during which you’ll exchange some sweet but forgettable chitchat. 

You’ll likely tell the bride how beautiful she looks and the groom how lucky he is. You’ll hopefully compliment them on a lovely ceremony and reception. During these moments on their wedding day, there are a few things that, well, you really shouldn’t say. 

You might mean well, but trying to make conversation with the bride and groom about certain things can end badly. Here are 5 conversations to avoid at a wedding:

So, What’s Next? A Baby?
Congratulations, you have officially become the worst wedding guest. Traditionally, people do start having babies sometime after marriage, but why ask that on their wedding day of all days? 
Do Not Become The Worst Wedding Guest 

t’s the question that the couple may hear from a Great Aunt, but from someone who knows better, they should hear no such thing. This is assuming you’re someone who knows better. Listen, the bride and groom just got done planning a huge celebration that isn’t even over. 

Maybe, let then finish the wedding and sit down for a minute or two before you start asking about what they plan to name their first-born?

The Food Was Cold/Bland/Spicy/Anything Else
Wedding food traditionally isn’t great. I mean, if you think about the fact that 150 entrées (or more) all have to go out at once, it’s easy to image why some dishes may be sub par. 
Traditionally, Wedding Food Is Not Great 

If you travelled for the wedding and then splurged on their gift, you may have hoped to get a great meal out of it. But, this is a wedding, not a Cheesecake Factory. 

You are not there to necessarily be fed. You are there to celebrate the union of two loved ones. If the food really sucked, just know that you can hit up a McDonald’s after the celebration is over.

How Much Did You Pay For All Of This?
Whether you are impressed with the elegant wedding or a little disappointed by the seemingly very budgeted wedding, this is not a question that is okay to ask (especially on the wedding day). 

Avoid Asking About Money 

If you’re planning a wedding of your own and are trying to get a ballpark number, you could perhaps ask this question months after the wedding is over, explaining that you are trying to budget a wedding of your own. 

But even then, the question would be a bit tacky. 

Whatever the couple may have paid is between them. Saving for a wedding is a stressful ordeal and bringing that up while the couple is celebrating their union may put a damper on their day.

You Didn’t Invite Jamie?
Whoever Jamie may be in relation to the bride and groom – a childhood friend, a roommate, a coworker – they didn’t make the cut. 

You, however, did make the cut since you’re there, so try not to draw attention to poor Jamie, who is sitting at home, not celebrating with the bride and groom. 
You Never Know Why Someone is Not There 

You also aren’t aware of why Jamie didn’t make the cut. Jamie could have had a falling out with the bride and groom or perhaps, doesn’t approve of the marriage and declined to come. 

You never know the case as to why someone isn’t there so it’s best to keep your lips sealed.

This DJ Sucks
Okay, so the DJ keeps playing hits from the 70s and there is only so much Bee Gees that one can tolerate. But that’s not up to you. 

The bride and groom might be really into the 70s, or really into the Bee Gees, or maybe, they are catering to a sick aunt, who they want to have a really good time. 
Criticism Towards The DJ Maybe Catastrophic 

Another possibility is that the parents of the bride or groom paid the DJ, and therefore dictated the playlist, so the excessive amount of Bee Gees may be annoying the bride and groom as well (and pointing out that the DJ sucks will only further the irritation). 

Whatever the case, starting small talk by critiquing the DJ is not the correct route. - Online Sources 

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