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13 Interesting Macho Man Facts About Vladimir Putin

Since he stepped into the spotlight former Russian President Vladimir Putin worked hard to cultivate a certain image for himself, engaging ...

Since he stepped into the spotlight former Russian President Vladimir Putin worked hard to cultivate a certain image for himself, engaging in only the manliest of activities, earning a title as the Macho Man of Russia.

It was hard to narrow them down, but in honor of Putin's decade and a half in power, here are 15 of his most impressive, totally-not-staged feats of strength and masculinity.
The Outdoor Macho Man

Captured A Pike Weighing 46 Pounds 
During a 2013 fishing trip in Siberia, he caught a pike weighing 46 pounds, which would make his catch one of the world’s biggest. (Anglers argued that the real weight of the fish was probably half that.)

A Regular Indiana Jones 
Budding archaeologist and scholar Putin allegedly discovered some ancient Greek urns while diving in the Black Sea in 2011. (Sadly, this claim was later corrected. Putin’s spokesman admitted that the urns were planted for Putin to uncover.)

Tracks Polar Bears
Putin is eager to help out in the rescuing and preservation of endangered species. That’s probably why he was pictured attaching a tracking device to a polar bear’s neck in April 2010.
Putin Tracks Polar Bears

Shoots Whales With Crossbows
Putin took aim at a gray whale while hanging out with some marine biologists back in 2010.

The hope was that, by temporarily immobilizing the whale, the scientists could collect skin samples for their study of the species.

Putin’s aim was just about perfect. “I hit it at the fourth try,” he told reporters.

Frees Caged Wildcats
A champion of creatures great and small, Putin monitors research programs on a number of different mammals.

In May 2010, he symbolically released a west Asian leopard from its cage into an outdoor enclosure in a wildlife sanctuary near Sochi. Some naysayers claimed the animal was injured during the photo op, which Putin's spokesman denied.
Putin Has An Interest In Shipwrecks

Keeps Them In Line 
In 2008, he intervened when a Siberian tigress tried to attack a camera crew following him at the region's Ussuri wildlife reserve.

He Soars Like An Eagle
Putin once took to the skies in this contraption, in order to accompany Siberian white cranes on their migratory route to Asia. Some cameramen just happened to be there to capture the occasion for posterity.

Hangs Out In Shipwrecks
In 2013, Putin entered a submersible and sank to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland, some 200 feet underwater, just to check out a 140-year-old shipwreck.

Good At Hockey 
Really good. He was even able to score a goal against a keeper for Russia's national team.
A Leopard
Mastered Two Martial Arts 
Who can forget the 82-minute classic, Let's Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin. As part of his KGB/FSB training, Putin also picked up sambo, the Russian martial art.

So skilled is Putin in judo that in November 2012 the International Judo Federation granted him a high-ranking 8th Dan, one of the highest grades possible.

An Outdoor Personality 
The Kremlin website has a whole page dedicated to Putin’s interests, including this anecdote about a rafting trip in Altai.

Putin also said that once he went whitewater rafting with his daughters down mountain rivers in Altai.
Putin Is A Master Of Martial Arts

“There we were in our raft (maybe I shouldn’t talk about it, but still), and some guys were standing on the bank.

They were just standing there, nobody expected us to be there because we flew in quietly, boarded the raft and went down the mountain rivers," he recalled.

Has Driven A Formula One Race Car
In 2010, Putin took a Renault Formula One race car for a little outing on a St. Petersburg track, reaching speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.

During his test drive, he rocked a helmet boasting an image of Russia’s national symbol, a double-headed eagle.
Steven Seagal

Bets Friends With Steven Seagal 
According to Putin’s spokesman, the statesman and the former action hero are longtime pals.

Putin recently proposed that his country make Seagal an honorary consul of Russia in California and Arizona.

Barack Obama was not amused. - Online Sources

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