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How Econet Maintains Market Control In Telecoms Industry

Harare – Zimbabwe’s telecommunications heartbeat, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is overtaking its peers courtesy of robust and diversified peopl...

Harare – Zimbabwe’s telecommunications heartbeat, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is overtaking its peers courtesy of robust and diversified people-oriented solutions in a picky economic climate.


According to figures, Econet is becoming the focal point in mobile transactions, subscriber numbers, relegating traditional banks to spectators.
Strive Masiyiwa 

Established by the forward thinking philanthropist Strive Masiyiwa, the entity has since branched into banking, car tracking devices, educational and online marketing portals.

Ecocash – the convenient 'cash cow' 
“Ecocash is our saviour. I now walk a short distance to withdraw my money send by my children from town,” noted an excited Eunice from rural Masvingo.

It’s a convenience that was a fantasy earlier.

EcoCash, an innovative mobile payment solution enables Econet customers to perform simple financial transactions such as sending money to loved ones. 

Rural folks are excited to have their own mobile banks, even on makeshift phones.
Ecocash Has Become Popular In Zimbabwe 

Traditional banks request pay slips or proof of residence as a prerequisite to open an account. The majority in Zimbabwe are self-employed and resorting to mobile payment systems.

And by the time you conclude this article, an Ecocash account application will be active.

Chitoro a platform targeting diaspora community in UK is set to increase foreign currency remittances into Zimbabwe. This is a low-cost method of forwarding money from a bank account or debit card.

Vehicle tracking – security on wheels
With many Zimbabwean investing in vehicles, carjackers are always horning their skills – but with Econet ConnectedCar, a proven car trekking fleet management service in place, you need not worry about your investment.
You Never Know When Danger Will Strike  

The service offers driver behaviour monitoring, geo fencing, panic button, multiple driver identification, roaming, real time vehicle tracking and fuel management as part of the total package.

Econet Services International manager mentioned that they were offering customers an unparalleled, personal, intuitive, effortless, and instant ability to remote control, monitor, manage, protect and maintain their various assets.

Don’t wait for calamity to strike.

Ruzivo – education without boundaries
Zimbabwe has a high education system in Africa. Products of the system are on demand.

To preserve this legacy, Ruzivo, an education portal was recently introduced by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe.
Education Investment Unlocks A Nation's Prosperity 

“At Econet we believe that investing in the education of our children is key to unlocking the nation’s economic prosperity across all sectors.

Zimbabwe is rated amongst the top literate countries in Africa and we would like to see that great achievement maintained for this and future generations,” said Econet.

With the advent of technology and computer projects facilitated by government in schools, Ruzivo is set to become an effective tool.

The first three months are free after registering a student.

Ownai – the visual market portal
Ownai, the visual, wonder online sales portal from Econet has taken the market with a bang.
Ownai Has Transformed Online Marketing In Zimbabwe 

 A term translated from the local vernacular referring to vision – it was prefixed with ‘own’, encouraging people not only to see but to buy as well.

This a refreshed visual market enabling buyers and sellers to conduct business at the click of a button. On offer are mobile gadgets, vacancies and various services for everyone.

Got something to sell? Visit Ownai today, post a free ad – and see your product being acquired by a new owner.

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