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Bizarre Union: ‘Prophet' Fathers 3 Kids with Own Mother’

Harare – A self-ordained ‘prophet ’ belonging to the Blood of Jesus International Ministry is embroiled in an incestuous relationship with...

Harare – A self-ordained ‘prophet’ belonging to the Blood of Jesus International Ministry is embroiled in an incestuous relationship with his ‘mother’ – and the couple have already sired three children.

The accused deserted from a prominent church to launch his own ministry was later fined a beast for his taboo act.

Chamunorwa Chiwara, 38 is accused of marrying his nephew Enestina Chihuri aged 34 – regarded as her mother’s young sister within the local traditional beliefs.

Relatives tried to mask the lawbreakers however Chiwara was confronted and he admitted his offence.
A Woman Holds Her Baby in a Village 

Klemens Marufu, the village head says, “The accused admitted that he committed incest but he did not know other relatives except his mother.

"However, it was revealed that he was lying since he grew up with among his mother’s relatives where the two met.”

For his transgression, he was fined a cow as payment to his father-in-law, his mother’s brother so that the two can live as a couple.

Though Chiwara’s mother denounced the association from the onset – her son vowed to keep his wife against her counsel, resulting in the birth of three children, added the village headman.

“We were staying together though we were relatives. This was revealed during the trial and my relatives refuse to accept him as their son-in-law since we are related.”

The couple lived together though they were not legally married. After the revelation, the two were divorced and Enestina left their home.

A traditional expert indicated that the fine paid does not erase the relationship that exits between the extended family, saying this was only done to appease the spirits but for the living it will continue to be exist.

“Do you think that his relationship with his mother will ever change? If that is the case, the whole family will have to change their relationship status – causing a lot of confusion.” 

The customary view was cemented by other observers, adding this will only facilitate the couple to live together although other relatives will never approve the union.

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