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Drunk Fame: Zahara Taken to Rehab for Alcohol Abuse

Multi Award winning songstress, Zahara, has been behaving lately and now she is back in rehab, a reputable Sunday tabloid has revealed that...

Multi Award winning songstress, Zahara, has been behaving lately and now she is back in rehab, a reputable Sunday tabloid has revealed that the 'Loliwe' star was rushed to a Johannesburg clinic. 

Allegedly, the girl with the golden voice is back on the booze – big time! Three placed sources said she had relapsed following an outpatient rehabilitation programme. 

One source said “She’s one of the most booked artists in the country and she can’t be away for a long period of time. Her management team sat her down and she agreed to be an outpatient at a rehab facility." 

"This was when they first got wind of her substance abuse problem. But with the current relapse, we don’t know what’s going to happen next.”
Zahara is Reportedly in Rehabilitation 

A second showbiz insider said Zahara’s story is very sad : “She’s talented and needs to stop hanging out with the wrong crowd. 

She was rushed to a rehab facility on Tuesday to undergo detox – to kick start her recovery journey again. it cost over R200 000 and that money was coughed up by her producer, Robbie Malinga. The last time she tweeted was over a month ago. 

That was after her strange pictures set social media ablaze,” said the source.

The mole added almost everyone has given up on Zahara. “But Robbie refuses to let he succumb to substance abuse and is very supportive. 

The music industry is not for the faint hearted. Media scrutiny and criticism from fans can be overwhelming at times. 

In order to beat her addiction, Zahara needs to lean on her family for support – not industry blood suckers who are posing as her friends,” the source added.

A third insider said it’s unclear if Zahara has been released from the rehab facility. “In the short space of time, she was an overnight sensation when her debut album Loliwe sold over 300 000 units. 

Since then she’s travelled the world, won countless awards and became a media darling. She also lost her brother in a shooting accident – an event she said had affected her badly,” the source said.

Zahara couldn’t be reached for comment. Robbie said : “I don’t know anything about the rehab story and me being involved with Zahara being there. It’s all lies, let’s focus on positive things.”

Zahara’s manager, Oyami Dyosiba, was not available for comment. TS Records co-owner, TK Nciza, said :”I’m at a funeral. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please leave me in peace. What’t the name of the rehab cener” - Sunday Sun

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