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Missing Link: The Boomerang Effects of Corruption

They say obesity is a disease, not in Africa, I suppose - but here, it is chic to be bulky because it means you can afford what the next pe...

They say obesity is a disease, not in Africa, I suppose - but here, it is chic to be bulky because it means you can afford what the next person cannot. 

Basically, it is a measure of wealth.

So, don’t you dare call our politicians sick because that’s how they can prove their status? As for the rest, well they have adapted to the system, so they will survive, but till when?

By @Comic24Derick
Many today in Africa are victims of hunger, we have at one stage endured shortages of necessities.

And we are constantly spinning in wheels of injustice, wanton brutality from authorities while our graveyards are filling with innocent victims deprived of access to basic treatment.

As I write, millions of children are starving while administrators are dining in infinite jamboree.

By the time you conclude this instalment; many more are breathing their last gasp in an under-funded public health centre whilst those possessing financial clout fly abroad searching for improved medical attention.
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Welcome to Africa, the epicentre of corruption; the capital of sadism.

Indeed, the worst form of corruption to haunt Africa is colonialism. Also, corruption is never a monopoly of regimes; even private companies are equal perpetrators. But some corrupt perpetuators will always conceal behind this atrocious past to justify their ineptitude.

Allow me fellow readers, to introduce this piece by borrowing words of wisdom from Zimbabwean entrepreneur Strive Masiyiwa. 

“We would not, as Africans, need aid from anybody if we tackle corruption; no child would sleep hungry if we tackle corruption; there would be no injustice if we tackle corruption; every child would be in school if we tackle corruption…”

There you have it; this mogul is speaking from a point of authority, having launched his business under duress from his mother country.

Africa today is always extending its begging bowl for aid in order to finance its existence. But it is not a secret that the continent is endowed with abundant resources to feed its own without any further assistance. If ever that aid has to trickle in, it has to be a plus not a necessity, as is now.

Today, because of incessant dishonesty, we are overburdened with communities that cannot operate without meagre relief. They now consider that minus truckloads of food handouts, second hand clothing accompanied by dreary political sloganeering, they will be annihilated from their constant misery.

Hunger has been made permanent in many African homes that a decent meal is considered a festive luxury. But contrary, those fronting corruption lines feast and live excessively at the expense of their pitiable subjects.

South Africa today is burdened with more than half of the population living on less than R500 per month.

These findings are contrary to the natural resources that the nation has in stock. Many children tonight will go to bed hungry, they can only enjoy a lullaby from a thunderstorm threatening to uproot their family tin shack.

Injustice is the worst form of corruption depriving freedom to many so-called political prisoners. If you search deeper, those convicted have been deliberately let down by the justice system.

Meanwhile, those with means overturn the system at will. Police have become the judiciary, law enforcers and puppets of the rich.

Ask yourself, why politically motivated incarcerations target political opposition leaders if we had a proper justice system? How many more dead bodies shall we count in order to accept the defeat and manipulation of the justice system?

Countless people who have committed heartless crimes still enjoy the benefits of the corrupt system and roam freely. Education has been elevated as a missile of the rich. Those without means are reduced and induced to become beggars of a skewed system.

Why in a nation boasting of the best education in Africa, politicians resort to dispatch their children to foreign institutions avoiding the crumbling infrastructure and the wrath of frustrated educators that they were elected to maintain.

Even with the infrastructure, educators have fled beyond the classroom walls to seek a respite elsewhere. The remaining pupils are left in the hands of armatures and inexperienced teachers with fewer possibilities rendering pupils an incomplete product.

If you don’t trust this, please make a stopover in one of the African government hospitals. And when you are asked to return in six months for a basic operation, then you will value my presentation.

Somewhere in many African states, wards are detaining patients who cannot afford to pay for treatment to survive. It’s a survival irony, if they cannot afford food, what about medication.

In 2008, I personally witnessed the death of a close family member during the cholera outbreak. A visit to the nearest health centre has left a permanent mark of hatred and hate for the health profession.

All we were afforded was an opportunity of shepherding her body to the mortuary. Here, other trucks drove to offload bodies into the heaving morgue. We finally buried her in agony. Those confined to the cholera outbreak section of the cemetery, including her are turning in anger for this callous treatment.

Survival has become a luxury that we have to ask for from leaders that we have elected to safeguard our interests.

Yes, we live among corrupt leaders who line their pockets with tenders that are supposed to provide water treatment chemicals to consumers. Whilst I witnessed people dying like flies, I have always asked why this could not be classified as murder of innocent souls.

Since that poignant episode, we are still to receive an apology from the leadership. We still wait for an explanation for who was responsible for this act. Until such a time, many including myself will never believe their existence is meant to serve our social welfare.

If this transpired to us, it means your grandmother is not safe? What about your children? What about you? What does tomorrow hold for our dear children? Let me depart from this forum by plucking former ANC’s treasurer-general Mathews Phosa’s visionary statement.

“If we want to avoid being consigned to the dustbin of history, we must be demonstrably more decisive, more transparent and totally unforgiving in how we deal with those who steal public money, or abuse positions of trust.”

So, if our leaders have their people at heart, let them transform our lives according to their promises. Let them arrest corruption tendencies and desist from stalking political rivals. - First published by Nehanda Radio 

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