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Sour Grapes: Prophet Sues Congregants for $120K

Kingdom Embassy founder Panganai Java — also known as Prophet Passion — has filed a lawsuit demanding US$120 000 from Chido Pamela Mangi an...

Kingdom Embassy founder Panganai Java — also known as Prophet Passion — has filed a lawsuit demanding US$120 000 from Chido Pamela Mangi and Clever Manhombe after they recently dragged him to court on allegations of duping them of their car.

Kingdom Embassy legal secretary Mr Tendai Jena confirmed the development.

“After the case was withdrawn from the courts we realised Prophet Passion had not been fairly treated as the initial agreement was for him to buy the car. 

"That’s when we decided to also take legal action against Chido and Clever,” said Mr Jena. The pair attended Java’s church.
Prophet Passion Java 

The prophet was arrested during a church service a fortnight ago for alleged theft of trust property after Mangi claimed Java was holding onto her Toyota Chaser. 

Tafadzwa Kangani also accused Prophet Passion of stealing his 51-inch plasma colour television set. He was apprehended in the middle of a service at Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex.

The charges were withdrawn after the complainants indicated an out of court settlement had been reached but Java is now suing two of them.

It was said Mangi was given her car and registration book back, while Kangani was to get US$400 from Mavis Madzivanzira who had pledged to bail out the prophet.

Now, in an application filed at the High Court, Java claims the pair should pay him US$120 000 for defamation of character, character assassination and tarnishing his image.

The summons also state that interest at the prescribed rate with effect from the date of service of summons to the date of full payment and cost of suit should be the responsibility of the two. However, the two defendants said Java was playing games.

“He is liar; he is trying to save his face. Now he is changing the case saying that I wanted to sell him my car yet he had requested it to be used in church then he refused to give it back. He asked us not to go to court and pleaded for an out of court settlement. We agreed and he gave us back the car. Now, on what grounds is he suing us?” Manhombe asked.

Java is not new to controversy. Last year his properties were attached by the deputy sheriff to recover US$37 500 owed to a United Kingdom company for international telecommunication services provided to his church.

Last month, Zimbabwean firm FED Nominees had to seek legal recourse to recover an undisclosed amount of money after Java failed to settle a debt. Last week, it was said Java was in South Africa attending a conference, though some congregants said they understood their leader was trying to fly below the radar following his arrest. - Sunday Mail

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