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President Mugabe: ‘I Don’t Know #ThisFlag Pastor Mawarire'

Harare – With many more protests set to be unleashed on Zimbabwe against a waning economic calamity , President Robert Mugabe has said he ...

Harare – With many more protests set to be unleashed on Zimbabwe against a waning economic calamity, President Robert Mugabe has said he does not know the hugely popular Pastor Evan Mawarire of #ThisFlag campaign.

His well-intended statement was conveyed during the burial of the late former Chief Secretary of the President and Cabinet, Dr Charles Utete at the heroes acre in Harare. 

“The Mawarire’s I don’t even know him. Beware of these men of cloth not all of them are true preachers of the bible….I don’t know if they are serving God. I don’t know whether they are serving God, well, we spell God G.O.D they spell God in reverse,” Mugabe said.

Pastor Mawarire, a Harare clergyman has effectively advocated people to rise against prevailing corruption, poverty and injustice among other pertinent societal ills.
President Mugabe Has Attacked Leaders of Protests in Zimbabwe 

“Pastors are supposed to preach peach and not violence. Some of them spell God in reverse…,” said Mugabe as he referred to a biblical text in 1 Corinthians.

The combined force exhibited by church leaders during Mawarire’s arrest plus recent prophecies signaling a shift in leadership have irked the ruling elite.

A recent effective stay away that brought the economy to its knees, has jolted the government, resulting in his arrest under spurious charges of allegedly ‘stealing a helmet and a baton stick’ belonging to the police force.

The charge sheet was later altered to include treason and inciting violence. Mawarire was later freed after the court deemed his arrest unconstitutional.

Bishop Tudor Bismark and Pastor Shingi Munyeza were among the masses during Pastor’s Evan’s trial in Harare recently. Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Prophet Walter Magaya have also warned of impending mayhem in Harare. 

Launched in April 2016, #ThisFlag campaign has recruited masses through regular posts on social media, earning Pastor Evan sympathy across the globe.

Many within diverse political affiliations have embraced his bravery except the ruling Zanu PF party that labels him an appendage of the west.

Mawarire has endlessly indicated he is fighting a just cause in a country were many are unemployed and a persistent cash shortage haunting the banking sector.

“We have reached now in Zimbabwe (a point where) everyone, no matter what your religion is, your background or even your political affiliation, where we are saying we are done with this…,” maintains Mawarire.

Shifting to the land reform programme championed by the late Dr Utete, Mugabe said, “There is no need to import food. Those who have land must produce. Those who don’t have let them have….”

The late hero has been described as the architect of civil service in Zimbabwe and a man of integrity. 

Millions of citizens face starvation after an indifferent agricultural season. Thousands of bused mourners gathered at the shrine with some showing off placards screaming: No to abuse of social media. 

The government has pledged to stamp on ‘abuse of social media’ which has caused people to heed calls of protests.

Markets stalls around Harare were deserted as vendors decided to stay at home while others followed the unwritten rule that instructs that all must attend ‘national functions.

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