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Dancing with Zuma: 6 Prominent SA Celebrities who Support ANC

The cat is out of the bag, prominent South African celebrities are actively involved in politics - and some of them are not scared to revea...

The cat is out of the bag, prominent South African celebrities are actively involved in politics - and some of them are not scared to reveal their alignment. 

Unlike other parts of Africa were revealing your political choice is a hazard - South Africa is different, well, almost.

Many popular artists have been punting the ANC in the lead-up to Wednesday’s elections. In other parts of Africa for celebrities to declare allegiance or perform at a function is criminal. 

And in the US celebrities have never minced their political allegiance, with Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, P Diddy, John Legend and Jay Z among a strong contingent of 40 celebrities who endorsed Barack Obama's candidature in 2008. 
Oliver Mtukudzi has Been Castigated for Performing at ZANU PF Rallies in Zimbabwe 

Here we preview some of South African artists and their respective political tastes. 

DJ Black Coffee's vote is no secret. Yesterday, the multi award-winning DJ revealed which political party he'll be voting in an Instagram video. 

In the video, he says: "My vote is not a secret. I vote ANC." "For me, they have changed everything about my country" he added. 

He explained that the party has helped him build his music career and that he owes his success to it.

"I’m now currently touring the world. And no, I’m not in exile. I'm out here representing my country in every corner of the world, sharing the music."

"They have opened the doors for me. They have given me the power to do this, so I owe it to them to give them the power," he said.

Kelly Khumalo
Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has poked fun at staunch ANC supporter and Kwaito artist Arthur Mafokate as well as Afro Pop singer Kelly Khumalo‚ Malema and labelled their songs as 'expired'.

"We have seen [the ANC] spend a billion rand on fake celebrities‚ extremely fake celebrities who can't succeed in their own right‚" said Malema.

"As I speak‚ I'm trying to think what is Kelly Khumalo's hit… what is she known for? But she is pocketing between ten thousand and fifteen thousand rands for every appearance she makes at an ANC event‚" said Malema.

In a revelation in the media, the partying and campaigning for the ANC finally caught up with 999 s.ex goddess Chomee.

She recently made the shock ­admission that she had dropped out of school. And her boss, Arthur ­Mafokate, conceded that working for the ANC during its election ­campaign this year contributed to her ­decision.

“It’s not a good thing. I said I was going to school but I ended up being busy with my career. My studies ­suffered because of that,” she said.

“I am not from a well-off family and I understand the importance of education, especially as an artist. You always need a back-up plan; something to fall back on. I feel bad for people who looked up to me ­because I went back to school, but this is part of the package.”

The 23-year-old singer and dancer was already in her third year of a four-year diploma in media studies at Boston Media House in Sandton, specialising in advertising, public relations and marketing.

Arthur Mafokate
Kwaito legend and 999 Music boss Arthur Mafokate has hit back at EFF leader Julius Malema, saying he must "shut up".

"Malema must just shut up and concentrate on the elections. Name-calling is for intellectually challenged people. What does he know about music and trending songs?"

He said he had not made "a cent" from ANC's events this year, even though he had performed in all the Siyanqoba campaign shindigs and the big birthday bash.

"Honestly speaking, if you have noticed on most programmes, my name is never there. But when I get there, I participate, meaning I am one of those artists who never get booked but go to support. I volunteered my services."

Zahara was spotted at the ANC’s Siyanqoba rally draped in an ANC flag and mingling with the crowd, who were very excited to see her. Some took photos and filmed her.

Another source said she was hanging out with “the wrong crowd” and it was very saddening. Two weeks ago, tabloid paper Sunday Sun “revealed” that the singer-songwriter Zahara had gone “back to rehab”.

Reality TV star Dineo Ranaka and AKA have also said the ANC is not paying them. Last week, a fan asked Ranaka on Instagram if she got paid for the services she offered the ANC. She responded to the fan, saying she offered her services for free, the same way people did at their churches.

Though AKA did not deny getting paid for the campaigns, he said he made more money from his shows than he did campaigning for the ruling party. He said his services were not motivated by money either.

This year, many celebrities made a point of showing their support for the ruling party, sharing pictures on social media of themselves in ANC regalia, and using the hashtag #Asinavalo.

Don Laka 
Jazz musician and social activist Don Laka has landed in trouble with Facebook again. This comes after he shared a series of pictures from the Apartheid regime on his Facebook page.

This is the third time that the musician's Facebook page has been blocked this year. The images that got Don kicked off Facebook this time around include a picture of his own 'Dompass'. 

This is a picture of hospital signs from the Apartheid regime and a picture of a slave master and his slaves. In his posts, Don encourages his followers to "share this bit of history."

Don says 'he will not be deterred and warns that he will continue sharing information about our country's history.' - Sources 

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