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Prophet Makandiwa: 'Lord Gave me Power to Break Poverty'

United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Brand Emmanuel Makandiwa has vowed to continue preaching the message of prosperity and mat...

United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Brand Emmanuel Makandiwa has vowed to continue preaching the message of prosperity and material blessings saying it was his calling.

He made the revelations at the Judgment Day 4 sermon held at UFIC church’s headquarters site in Mt Hampden last Friday.

Addressing thousands of congregants who braved the cold weather to attend the sermon, Brand Makandiwa said his mission was to eradicate poverty in Africa.

“The Lord gave me the power to break poverty. Do not tell me to preach something else, which, is not prosperity. My mission is to take people from one place to another. My mission is clear, to deal with poverty.

“I will not change my gospel message. I said industry will reopen and it shall reopen.
Prophet Makandiwa 

“Poverty is a demon. We should not entertain poverty. Even the devil knows that the more one is blessed, the more he becomes close to God. If a person is broke, there are more chances of backsliding.

“When the Lord visited me, he told me about my mission. I am aware of my mission. God openly told me that as long as I live, no man will stand in my way. My ministry is characterised by money. Life has to be sweet,” he said.

He rubbished rumours that his prophecies were lies and that he sought supernatural powers outside the country. “We cannot fake encounters with God, it is impossible. We have living testimonies and witnesses,” he said.

Brand Makandiwa urged Zimbabweans to utilise the minerals that the country has to uplift themselves. “We have plenty of gold in Zimbabwe, but the problem is that we allow people from outside to take them.

“You have your blessings in this nation. God did not create us to be poor. He created us to be in charge of what we are supposed to do. Christians should not survive on salaries only, we should open companies because God gave us the anointing long back,” he said.

He said industries in Zimbabwe will be revived. The industries in the country will open again and there will be employment. Those who want to be employed will be employed and those who want to employ people will do so.

“Some people say I always talk of material blessings. People say, do not talk of material gifts. We were given a physical body. We function in the physical realm,” he said.

Brand Makandiwa said it was disheartening that Africa was poor, yet it was endowed with a lot of precious minerals. “It makes my heart bleed. I cry, I try to tell people to fight. Let us fight the battle together,” he said.

He urged Africans to believe in themselves and stop relying on foreigners for everything. We have anointing of people in Africa. We will not run away from Zimbabwe. God can bless us.

“We cannot continue importing. I believe in local blessings. I believe in my own currency. We cannot say we are blessed when we are using other people’s currencies. We must have our own currency,” he said. - The Herald 

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