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Tiyambuke 2016: Origins, Meaning and Facts of TICC Brand

Chitungwiza – Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) 2016 is finally here.  The world-celebrated conference got underway o...

ChitungwizaTiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) 2016 is finally here. 

The world-celebrated conference got underway on Sunday 28 August with the Mega Kids Conference.


Children led the day’s proceeding as adults took the supporting seat. The second day is reserved for various sporting activities and talent show to stir talents plus body exercise.

The mega gathering a brainchild of Glory Ministries is a vernacular word denoting crossing over to the other side to acquire new beginnings and blessings.
2016 Tiyambuke (TICC) has Officially Started at Glory Ministries  

Explaining the roots of Tiyambuke Apostle Pride Sibiya, the founder of Glory Ministries says, “Tiyambuke means crossing over from lack into abundance, from nothingness to greatness – and from the lack of fear of God to the fear of God.”

TICC brand has its strong origins on the gospel beginning with the crossover of Moses leading Israelites across the Red Sea. The rapture of Elijah is also another imminent example that strongly supports TICC roots.

From the 31st of August to 3 September, Glory Ministries church stand in Chitungwiza will be a hive of active, with attendants expected from all corners of the country.

The 2016 edition will run under the theme: Stir up the Gift – in recognition and encouraging an array of talents embedded within God’s subjects.

Glory Ministries was established in the humble settings of Chitungwiza. Since then, it has spread its influence with 60 assemblies under its wings including South Africa.

Adding his voice to the international gathering, National Overseer Maxwell Chinoruma said, “During TICC God will be speaking to us for the next season. We will be revived and continue receiving strength. We will have world class stage and set up.”

Apostle Toggy Chivariro who has rocked the airwaves with his song Ebenezer will feature at the yearly installment. Prophet E.G Sibanda will add a prophetic flare to the gathering.

Apostle Pride Sibiya’s spiritual father, Apostle Alexander Chisango comes laden with his memorable wisdom sermons.

The event is also a channel for members to exhibit their various God given talents.

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