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Live from Bulawayo: Apostle Charles Chiriseri Burial

Harare – Exactly a month after his death in a car accident near Bulawayo – Apostle Charles Chiriseri has been buried – and politicians, God...

Harare – Exactly a month after his death in a car accident near Bulawayo – Apostle Charles Chiriseri has been buried – and politicians, God’s Generals paid their last respects to the founder of His Presence Ministries.

Below is a live timeline of his burial from Bulawayo.

10:00: “There are a lot of men everywhere. But it’s a hard to find a good man. Charles Chiriseri was a good man. We counted them as covenant partners. I am not sure who will fill the gap that this man has left in his family and in the body of Christ. 

We pray for the ministry that it will continue to go from strength to strength. Charles walked in the light as a leader as a man. He spoke for many. We thank God for his life, his wife, his family and his church.” – Bishop Bismark. 
The Late Apostle Chiriseri Finally Laid to Rest 

10:24: “Here is a man that I have walked with for 25 years. I have observed a few things: He was a consistent man and was non-compromising with regards to the kingdom of God. He had amazing wisdom. He spent private time discussing intimate things. The man is gone but the vision lives. It will outlive him.”

10:37: Apostle Chiriseri’s daughter, Missy Chiriseri takes to the podium… ‘My dad was everything me. My dad was very funny. He used to share a lot with us. As a family we stand strong.” – Missy

11:25: Pastor Petunia takes to the podium… “My husband has always treated me like a queen. He was such a loving father and indeed a loving husband.”

11:30: Pastor Petunia – “In one of our last conversations he spoke at length about the Chiriseri family. How he wanted the family to be united. After passing Gweru we didn’t speak much but he spoke about the church and was excited about the new breed of leaders. 

Around about 9:30, he saw animals on the road. Tried to swerve off the road and when he decided to come back on the road, I just remember thinking “We are in an accident. All I know next is there were people looking for me in the bush. So it’s a miracle that I am here.

12:19: Rest-In-Peace messages for the late Apostle Charles Chiriseri are pouring in on Social Media. Below are a selected few…

Our condolences mum Petunia, thank you for sharing Apostle Charles with us in this life. Be comforted during this time. Much love – Sbanga & Thembi & The Charis Church family Australia – Sibangilizwe Ndlovu

Rest in peace Apostle, heartfelt condolences to Pastor Petunia and the children. May God’s grace and the comfort of the Holy Spirit be with you during this time. – Cynthia Chamunorwa

13:05: It is now time for body viewing. It is now time to bid farewell to Apostle Charles Chiriseri.

14:00: Apostle Charles Chiriseri’s body is being taken to his final resting place. He is about to be buried but his works will live on. Gone but never forgotten. Thanks for joining. Thanks for the comments. Adios! - Sunday News 

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