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No Love Lost: Jah Prayzah, Gonyeti in Bed Together Again

First it was Gonyeti (real name Pamela Zulu) alleging that troubled musician Jah Prayzah (real name Mukudzeyi Mukombe) had abused her durin...

First it was Gonyeti (real name Pamela Zulu) alleging that troubled musician Jah Prayzah (real name Mukudzeyi Mukombe) had abused her during her time in his band and now the same alleged “abuser” will be a guest performer at her debut album launch.

Jah Prayzah had allegedly been using his former dancer as his se_x toy in orgies of unprotected se_xual intercourse, presumably because he is immune to disease as a ci_rcumcised man and ci_rcumcision brand ambassador in Zimbabwe.

Then, Jah Prayzah’s camp had said the next place the erstwhile co-workers would meet would be the courts of law where the ‘lying’ Gonyeti, (as Pamela Zulu is popularly known), would be taken to the cleaners.

But we can exclusively reveal that Gonyeti will be launching her fresh album and debut as a Third Generation Band breakaway next week at Dandaro Inn in Harare and the event will be featuring — Jah Prayzah!
Jah Prayzah and Gonyeti During the Heydays 

The curious inclusion of Jah Prayzah who was once brimming with confidence and calling Gonyeti’s bluff, which she responded to bravely by laying bare salacious details, could signify the breakdown of Jah Prayzah’s feigned confidence.

After tonnes of curiously pro-Jah Prayzah positive spin stories, pictures of him and his wife meant to paint a rosy portrait as well as images in rose-coloured shades being proliferated in the media, Jah Prayzah has probably decided his game is up and the lie can be spun no more by his limping partial spin doctors.

When called for comment, Jah Prayzah, audibly with all the courage of a kitchen mouse, scurried for cover, stuttering a response as he hid behind his manager Keen Mushapaidze.

“Perhaps you may speak to my manager, Keen. Do you have his number so that I can send it to you?” asked the Mudhara Vachauya crooner.

However, Jah was not keen to post Keen’s number, neither was Keen keen on answering the phone or messages to his phone when he was reached. Gonyeti’s phone was switched off.

After having become a cause celebre in the media regarding the rights of women in the arts industry, Gonyeti will be seen as having sold out in the struggle to get justice for womenfolk who allege objectification as sexual objects.

Prominent activist, film industry icon and celebrity Marian Kunonga, who shot to stardom as the character of Flame in the epic wartime movie, had celebrated the coming to the fore of the rights of women in the arts after Gonyeti broke her story.

Marian was however optimistic that this was probably Jah Prayzah’s way of apologising and acceptance that he indeed had done wrong contrary to his earlier stance.

“Hats off to Jah Prayzah. Ndokuti murume (He has stepped up to the plate like a man). Akatsiurwa akanzwa (he was admonished and accepted criticism),” said Marian.

“We argue as artistes but when it comes to work, we’re supposed to work together. They’ve both shown maturity beyond measure and we should see a collaboration, that is the most humble apology, if it is. I’m so happy, it kind of clears Gonyeti.

“Now Gonyeti must be seen for who she is, a talented musician and dancer.” But many had wanted to use the case as a rallying point to make sure men are more respectful of their female counterparts in the arts. They fear Gonyeti was paid hush money along with dirty media personnel.

If Gonyeti was supposed to be the face of the struggle, women will have to look for a new Gandhi, a new Mandela, a different fighter because Gonyeti, who touts herself with the tagline War Vet, has left the barracks and in typical Stockholm syndrome’s style run back to be
bedfellows with Jah Prayzah — presumably after kissing and making up.

Gonyeti, now fronting what is being called the Hose Power Band, will be launching her album entitled One Day on October 27.

The event that will feature Diana ‘MaNgwenya’ Samukange and Sulumani Chimbetu will somehow obviously be well-attended, if not just for the chance to catch a glimpse of Jah Prayzah alongside Gonyeti in public for the first time since the chaotic breakup.

It is not clear what Jah Prayzah’s wife, Rufaro Mukombe nee Chiworeso and his family and child will think about this new spark between Gonyeti and Jah.

Perhaps the star has to pull an epic Bill Clinton type reverse after denying having ‘sexual relations with that woman!’ and apologise to his wife, sponsors and fans.

For now Jah Prayzah seems close to dodging the bullet but eating humble pie while he is at it. - The Chronicle

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