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Zacchaeus Tax Collectors: Meet Zimra Bosses with Fake Academic Papers

Harare – You have always trusted them with your money as a tax payer – but a few days after Zimra Commissioner-General Gershem Pasi’s suspe...

Harare – You have always trusted them with your money as a tax payer – but a few days after Zimra Commissioner-General Gershem Pasi’s suspension, yet another manager has worked for the revenue institution for 13 years using fake certificates – earning the name: ‘Zacchaeus.’

Charlton Chihuri, a loss control director has only four Ordinary Levels, as opposed to the compulsory five, an audit has revealed

Whistle blowers have unraveled the deep corporate rot engulfing the tax collector led by HLB Zimbabwe Chartered Accountants.

“Our investigations revealed that Mr Charlton Chihuri misrepresented his academic qualifications to Zimra as early as 2003 when he first applied for the post of Loss Control Officer,” reads the report filed at the High Court.  
Fake Qualifications on the Rise 

In addition the senior manager forged tertiary certificates.

“He misrepresented that he had obtained six Ordinary Level passes, scored six Advanced Level points and that he was the legitimate holder of a Bachelor of Science Honours in Economics Degree with the University of Zimbabwe.”

Investigations from both the examination board and the University of Zimbabwe proved his furtive falsification.

“He neither has six Ordinary Level passes nor does he hold any degree with the University of Zimbabwe. In actual fact, he has only four Ordinary Level passes excluding English, and he failed his Advanced Level examinations with two F symbols and an O symbol,” the Herald reveals.

Though Pasi showered praises upon his bogus subordinate, he had actually failed training tests to obtain the job.

“Mr Charlton Chihuri even failed Zimra training tests for supervisors and managers, scoring two F symbols for Tariff and Procedure 1 respectively. Ironically, he was being showered with performance awards every quarter by the Commissioner-General Gershem Pasi.

The whistleblower died in a mysterious accident, two days before a meeting with board members to discuss his frustrations, leaving documents with his lawyers, the auditors say.

Pasi is on suspension for an alleged $14 million deal for supplying uniforms, salary increments without the board’s approval and abuse of company assets, including vehicles among other corporate extremes. - 

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