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Unity Day: Harare Shuts Down With Jah Cure

Last Friday before Unity Day celebrations is annual shut -down date for most companies and the showbiz scene always complements the day wit...

Last Friday before Unity Day celebrations is annual shut -down date for most companies and the showbiz scene always complements the day with a mega concert.

Over the past years concepts like Shut-down and Lock-down concerts have been mooted as themes for big shows that have been held on shut-down day. 

The previous concerts have involved local and regional artists, but this year merrymakers will be ushered into the festive mood on a reggae note.
Jamaican Jah Cure Coming to Zimbabwe 

Jamaica's Jah Cure will be the main act at this year's event that takes place at Harare International Conference Centre on December 16. Jah Cure has failed to travel to Harare on numerous occasions due to various reasons, but this time the tour seems certain following assurances from the musician and show organisers.

The show is being organised by 2Kings Entertainment, which made history by bringing in royal family of reggae Morgan Heritage after several aborted attempts by other promoters.

Riding on that milestone achievement, 2Kings Entertainment is confident that Jah Cure will finally make the trip to Harare and lead merrymakers into festive season.

Jah Cure also confirmed the trip in a message that was posted on various social media platforms. Dee Nosh of 2Kings Entertainment said the deal is sealed and tickets for the show are already on sale.

"Nothing will stop him this time. Jah Cure is definitely coming to Zimbabwe. We have done all the groundwork and addressed grey areas that led to cancellation of previous scheduled tours. We engaged promoters that initially wanted to bring him and they told us the setbacks that they faced. We worked on the issues and we now await his arrival," said Dee Nosh.

"We are selling the tickets well before the show to ensure that people plan ahead. The tickets are available at Newlands Coloursel Shop, Westgate Coloursel Shop, Joina City Matress Shop, Soprano's Avondale, Borrowdale Sumsung Shop and online. 

We are encouraging people to buy advance tickets to avoid disappointment because the inquiries we are getting indicate that tickets might be sold out before the day of the show." - The Herald 

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