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2017 Prophecies: Year of Surprises, Catastrophes, Leadership Protests

Harare – The year 2017 will usher more surprises for many world governments, monster catastrophes, public anger outbursts – while Donald Tr...

Harare – The year 2017 will usher more surprises for many world governments, monster catastrophes, public anger outbursts – while Donald Trump will once more send the cyberspace into hysteria with his ‘reckless comments’ – and death of a leading personality – according to prophecies gleaned by

Just like 2016 – 2017 will witness turmoil for many Southern Africa states, including Zimbabwe – particularly on the political front, championed by sporadic public anger demonstrations.

Generally, the world economic and political status has given rise to pertinent public anger, and South Africans have challenged President Jacob Zuma to vacate office. Harare recorded historical protests, and the majority turned bloody as participants called for political leadership reforms.
Donald Trump will Send Social Media into Hype in 2017

“We need to pray for Zimbabwe, DRC, Mozambique and South Africa. It seems there is stability in South Africa, but it is not peaceful at all. There will be instability from one country to the other. We need to be vigilant,” exposed Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) founder, Prophet Walter Magaya.

Apostle Pride Sibiya of Glory Ministries warned of a “very big noise on a central issue of leadership in Zimbabwe,” adding, “In three months, there will be some disagreements between nations because of Zimbabwe, and this will split nations.”

Prophet Magaya noted the imminent death of a prominent Zimbabwean personality, but he elected to conceal the identity due to the high presence of alert journalists, though it further sparked speculation among congregates.

Corruption has become a perpetual affliction upon Africa, and Zimbabwe is a prominent victim. Public officials fingered in corruptions cases include Professor Jonathan Moyo, who allegedly abused Zimdef funds. Saviour Kasukuwere, minister of local government was purportedly sucked in a land scam involving Prophet Walter Magaya. 

Speaking on vice, Magaya said, “We need to deal with corruption. In fact, many of us here have been through corruption. If we are to deal with corruption, we need to plant a new seed of moral uprightness in our leadership. We need leaders who engage with the people, be with them and show them love.”

Southern Africa Pentecostal movements will be under strict rules from governments in a bid to control their activities. Though 2017 will be a tough year, for those connected to God, it will be a good year, and their financial status will rise.

Around August, a foreign nation is anticipated to bring products into Zimbabwe that will shift things, said Apostle Sibiya as he pronounced the theme of a ‘Mega Church’ during the crossover night at Bethel Worship Centre in Chitungwiza.  He stated that 2017 will carry grace for love and marriages, while the microfinance sector is set for a boom.

Not to be outdone, controversial US President in waiting, Donald Trump will send social media into a trance in February with a ‘shocking post’, Magaya revealed.

Nigerian clergyman, Pastor E.A Adeboye said 2017 will bring surprises for many world governments. Adding, there will be monster earthquakes, monster floods, hurricanes and typhoons, monster tornadoes and monster fire outbreaks – all in twos. – Additional reporting from Online Sources

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