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Pastor Chris: Christ Embassy Founder First Time in Zim

Harare – The much-anticipated arrival of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, founder of Christ Embassy is set for next month. His maiden journey, con...

Harare – The much-anticipated arrival of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, founder of Christ Embassy is set for next month.

His maiden journey, confirmed in a video post on Easter Friday is expected to officially launch his church’s global worship and communion miracle service.

“On the 7th of May we will be in Harare, Zimbabwe for the Worship and Communion service, a very special on,” pronounced the Nigeria-born cleric.

With his huge global following, the service slotted for the National Sports Stadium in Harare is expected to attract multitudes of congregates.
Pastor Chris Coming to Zimbabwe

“Not only are we going to be together in an arena, but as we worship and as we praise, the glory of the Lord will fill that nation. He came to give you life and the life that He brought to you destroys sickness, disease and infirmity. If you have that life look at what it tells us,” added the pastor.

Harare Christians have long anticipated the coming of Pastor Chris.

“I can tell you the presence of the Lord will be all over that country. Zimbabwe is a special country. I can tell you it’s a special nation and when I come I will tell you how special you are,” the video mentioned.

Ruth Musarurwa, the local church’s leader in another broadcast said attendance to the service was free.

Fraudsters on the prowl have created a fake Christ Embassy Facebook account, to request for funds, but followers are warned not to heed to their calls.

“We want to make it known to everyone that Christ Embassy is not requesting for funds from anyone at all. Christ Embassy has not initiated that,” Musarurwa said.

Chris initially announced his plans to tour Zimbabwe during his Night of Bliss edition on January 22 2017 at FNB Stadium in South Africa, declaring: “It’s your time”.

Now the time as dawned for many Zimbabweans, thirst for his coming since the inception of the local church.

“Zimbabwe, you are a miracle! You are a land locked country, but you are not God locked. God has heard your prayers, refuse to be poor – God said, you are a miracle. It’s your time,” once declared Pastor Chris.

Harare has been battling with a persistent economic downturn.

“… Zimbabwe, your first is coming. I have messages for other countries, but Zimbabwe is a special country. God always speaks to nations through His prophets,” revealed Pastor Chris.

Locally, His Believers Love World ministry runs several arms including the Healing School.

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