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‘Sacrificial Lamb’: Death, Sangoma at Bev’s Show Stirs Debate

Harare – Dancing crews might be gyrating into oblivion. Low turnouts, inconsistent revenue plus stiff competition among other negatives are...

Harare – Dancing crews might be gyrating into oblivion. Low turnouts, inconsistent revenue plus stiff competition among other negatives are threatening the once flourishing troupes.

The death of a follower purported to be a soldier during the queen of dirty dancing Beverley ‘Bev’ Sibanda’s show recently, after she met a sangoma, has left observers speculating.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
The deceased was stabbed by a jealousy suitor during a clash over a woman. Afterwards, his colleagues ran amok closing bars, assaulting patrons in a bid to fish out the perpetrator.
Bev Sibanda in Action

Bev and her trusted manager Harpers Mapimhidze had been spotted in Chipinge meeting a known sangoma, Sekuru Ndoro, revealed H metro, further fuelling the speculation.

“Whenever we visit a town or ghettos outside Harare where Beverly hardly performs, we hold roadshows drumming up support and meeting fans. Sekuru Ndoro is also one of the fans we met along the way and he is a humble and simple guy,” said Mapimhidze.

The sangoma is known for his weird prowess, including a ‘talking bird’ hat can recover stolen goods.

“Many people were shocked to see us talking to him at his place but he is just a fan like most of the fans who frequent our shows. We were not even aware that he hailed from Chipinge until I recalled one of the stories published months ago,” added Mapimhidze, defending their encounter, saying it was roadshow to promote their trip.

Bev and the Sexy Angels were touring Manicaland and Mozambique when the incident happened. 

Even though Mapimhidze denied consulting the sangoma, cases of businesses enduring hard times that visit healers are not unusual.

“Beverly is a special brand that I have been managing over the years and we believe in hard work and prayer,” added Mapimhidze to H metro, “We have been to so many places both locally and abroad where we have managed to represent the country with majesty.”

Bev is adamant her group is still a force in showbiz, despite controversies that always pursue her.

“Wherever we go, we make sure that we meet our new and old fans and we did the same in Chipinge. Of course, we have been there before but this time around we met a lot of people along the way before and after the show which was oversubscribed with entertainment starved fans,” said Bev.

The crew has sent condolences to the grieving family, urging supporters to solve differences amicably. – metro

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