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Mundikumbuke Hitmaker: “I am Still Looking for my Father,” Alick Macheso

Harare – Even at 49, Sungura music star Alick Macheso, still yearns for a father figure in his life who deserted him when he was only six. ...

Harare – Even at 49, Sungura music star Alick Macheso, still yearns for a father figure in his life who deserted him when he was only six. 

The crooner revealed that he would not rest until he locates his father, who he remembers in his addictive lyrics. 

“I grew up on a farm in Mashonaland Central Province with my mother. She told me my father deserted us twice. He first deserted us when my mother was pregnant only to resurface when I was six years old but he didn’t stay long. Ever since, he hasn’t come back,” Macheso told the Daily News.
Alick Macheso

Macheso, who will celebrate his birthday on Saturday at a gig set for Tanza Centre in Chitungwiza that will also feature Nicholas Zakaria, Jacob Moyana, Faheem Somanje, Leonard Zhakata, Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love.

The Tafadzwa singer revealed that he has on several occasions been sent on wild goose chases.

“I have been searching for his whereabouts for a long time now. On several occasions people have lied to me about his whereabouts,” he said.

The issue of his absentee father is so important to Macheso that he penned a song titled Baba on his 10th album Tsoka Dzerwendo (Ayayaa). Macheso usually breaks down whenever he performs the song at shows.

“Yes, I get very emotional when I perform the song but I have since realised that I am not the only one moved by the song. I have observed that it makes people remember their own upbringings.

“I’m happy about this because when I composed it, I was addressing my own situation,” the sungura star said, adding that his personal background played a pivotal role in shaping his music career.

“My mother wanted me to be a teacher but this was an unattainable dream because I never went far with schooling. This led me to come to Harare in search of greener pastures.

“That is when I ventured into music when I was just 15. Bar owners used to deny me access into the bars back then as I was under-age and this led Zakaria to intervene and negotiate on my behalf,” he said.

Macheso added that he has been pleasantly surprised by the way his career has panned out since he quit Nicholas Zakaria’s Khiama Boys in 1997.

“I never imagined that I would become a top musician. I use my music as a platform to educate people in the same manner gospel preachers do on the pulpit. I also consider music as a special vehicle to express my inner feelings.

“For this reason, I do not rush to release albums. However, my fans should expect another album between August and December this year,” Macheso said.

Though Macheso’s life mostly revolves around music, he is also into farming.

“I am getting older; I am now 49 that is why I have to plan for the future. I have a farm in Chivhu and am very happy with the progress there,” the sungura star said. - Daily News

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