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Dr Ezekiel Guti Jnr: Defying Disability to Serve Nations

Harare – The late Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Junior who passed on exactly two weeks after celebrating his 35th birthday on 27 December – will ...

Harare – The late Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Junior who passed on exactly two weeks after celebrating his 35th birthday on 27 December – will be laid to rest in January 2018 – after ZAOGA’s ten days of fasting, the church leadership has announced.

Evangelist Guti’s death has sent many ZAOGA’s believers into a state of shock – and the church leaders had to dispatch a note to its vast membership base, notifying them of the funeral plans.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
“It is with great sorrow that I inform you of the passing on of Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Junior this morning (27 December, 2017). We will be updating you on the arrangements in good time to enable you to travel,” ZAOGA Secretary General, Reverend Myambo said.

He added, “We are hoping that the burial will take place in January 2018 just after the 10 days.”

With assemblies in more than 100 nations – ZAOGA has multitudes of believers dotted across the globe after its formation in 1960. Evangelist Guti Junior was the last born son of ZAOGA founders – Archbishops Ezekiel and Eunor Guti.
The Late Dr Ezekiel Guti Junior 

Writing in his book: The Man Who Defied Condition – he revealed personal experiences of defying his physical disability and speech impairment to live a normal life.

“I am a living testimony that giving birth to a child who is physically disabled is not a curse from God and some parents even divorce and some reject the child saying of what importance that child will be. Some as I speak are in prison because they killed a physically disabled child,” he wrote.

His birth in 1982 remains a miracle. During delivery – doctors the baby was in a breech. In addition, doctors discovered that the unborn child had an extended head and arms, with the heart stopping a few moments after.

He was declared dead but his parents remained defiant.

“… but my mother and my father and the saints of Christ refused the doctor’s report through prayer and kept on praying until after 1 hour 45 minutes when I started breathing and God heard their prayer and also had raised me for a purpose, that is to preach His Good News as a living testimony,” Dr Guti Jnr wrote.

The gifted servant of God is survived by wife Caroline Katsande – three children – Eutricia Eunor, named after his mother; Ezekiel III, his father’s namesake and Dorcas III who was given her great grandmother’s name.

Despite his speech impairment, he became a renowned evangelist after completing his studies in the UK – travelling across Africa and Europe for over a decade.

“I used to pray to God that even if I cannot walk, at least l should be able to talk. I have seen my parents praying for people who could not talk and they began to talk. I had faith that one day I would be eloquent in speaking but that was not in God’s plan,” he mentions.

Despite his condition – which other people will make an excuse to remain idle – he prayed and healed other people, saying, “I have seen God performing great miracles through me, yet I myself cannot walk and it is just a condition of the body.”

Congregates poured their grief on social media.

“Your legacy will be forever celebrated! Rest in Peace Dr Evangelist Ezekiel Junior Guti. You fought a good fight of faith,” wrote Douglas Tudu.

Paul Arthurs said: “Whenever we would see each other I would say "We want EJ" and you would respond "We want Paul". You were always excited to see me because there was an over abundance of love in your heart. 

“All you ever did was love and I am honored to have called you my brother. Even though you started from behind, you ran your race and won. I'll never forget you but I most certainly will miss you.” – Additional Reporting from Online Sources

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