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Blasphemous Idiot: “Christ is Preaching in Hell…,” Prophet Madungwe

Harare – His withered facial features, uncoordinated expressions, parched lips alongside unseemly dressing betray more about the man behind...

Harare – His withered facial features, uncoordinated expressions, parched lips alongside unseemly dressing betray more about the man behind the shocking claims that he arrested and imprisoned the devil.

But little known, attention seeking and psychiatry institution contender, Prophet Talent Madungwe, still maintains he is not a mental patient, contrary to popular belief on social media.

Madungwe made claims that he had arrested the devil. He reacted angrily when several people called for his mental examination on social media. Some went further claiming the prophet was seeking attention by his stunts.
Talent Mudungwe

“God hardened my heart when I was young so I’m not bothered by what people say. During Pentecost some people alleged that the likes of Peter were drunk as written in Acts 2. These are spiritual matters and people will not understand,” said the self-anointed prophet.

The shadowy character says where ever he goes, some “appreciate what I do while others criticise, but that will not move me,” he said.

Madungwe says he is different from other men of God who went to bible colleges.

“Some of the people who criticize are different from me because they get teachings from those pastors. I’m different from those who went to bible colleges. I was trained by God himself, the one who wrote the bible, so my knowledge is way above them all,” he said

His idiotic claims have gone viral.

“1000 angelic soldiers went to hell and arrested Satan. We took him to the army base before we took him to the Heavenly court on June 19, where he appeared before the Heavenly judges. We agreed that we will reduce his powers and reduce his fallen angels,” he said.

He further claimed that after the court session the devil was released and rearrested on July 1, while Jesus Christ is preaching in hell.

“Christ is preaching in hell from July 1 to July 30, so we rearrested the devil to allow Christ to finish the job and to avoid conflicts. So he will be released on July 30,” he said.

Madungwe further claimed that he was sixth on the hierarchy of importance, judged by performances for the month of June. “God is number one, followed by the Son, Holy Spirit, Saint Paul, my spiritual father Daniel and I came sixth,” he said.

The desperate attention seeker is documented for making outrageous claims among them claiming to have seen God on numerous times and insisting to be God’s advisor among other claims. – H metro

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