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Gunners Attack: Former Zim Soldier Busted as Fake Lawyer

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This is what former Zimbabwean Defence Forces (ZDF) soldier Limukani Moyo attempted to do in Botsw...

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This is what former Zimbabwean Defence Forces (ZDF) soldier Limukani Moyo attempted to do in Botswana, though illegally.

According to Botswana media, Moyo defrauded 165 people claiming to be a qualified lawyer, and also residing in the country illegally.

The presiding magistrate requested the accused to bring his attorney as he suggested, “You have told this court that you have an attorney therefore I cannot proceed any further with this case until your lawyer appears in court. Make sure you appear with your counsel on July 20.”
Fake Lawyer (L) and Botswana Investigator 

Previously, court proceedings were halted as his lawyer was missing.

Mmegi Online reports that, Moyo’s attorneys have not yet contacted prosecution to enquire about his case despite having long claimed that he has legal representatives.

He remained in Botswana unlawfully beyond 90 days between October 31, 2012 and June 21, 2017 in Gaborone for a period of 1,695 days (four years, 233 days).

During investigations, he failed to produce any document allowing him to stay in Botswana after his initial residence permit had expired in 2012.

On another charge, the accused is said to have defrauded 165 people money as legal fees by falsely pretending that he is a duly registered lawyer and admitted as

Moyo committed the crimes between November 1, 2012 to June 21, 2017 through his Para Legal Services and Consultancy Company. The accused operated an unlicensed business and rendered legal services and had no proper qualifications to practise as a legal advisor.

About 165 files of people who had sought his legal services with cases at district level, Magistrates Courts, High Court and Court of Appeal were discovered in his office.

It was revealed that he had represented 84 people at the High Court, Court of Appeal, and Industrial Court. He also defended 52 cases at Magistrates Courts, four at district and 25 are still unregistered.

The Law Society of Botswana exposed that the accused is not their member, despite practising law and handling high profile cases. He further lied that he was attached to the legal department during his days with the army and did law on correspondence, but failed to produce any proof.

Moyo does not have a passport, only producing a page of a passport bearing his photo and particulars. - Mmegi Online

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