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Against Odds: Determined to Overcome Poverty, Ignorance

Being raised in a poor family is often an excuse plus a drawback for some. Add this setup to an impoverished community inside Chitungwiza’s ...

Being raised in a poor family is often an excuse plus a drawback for some.

Add this setup to an impoverished community inside Chitungwiza’s oldest ghetto – St Mary’s – then one’s life is destined to fail.

As the twin vices of poverty alongside crime ravaged his surroundings, destroying the future of many youths – one young man decided to swim against the tide.

The daily burden, including the lack of almost everything partnered by rampant illegitimate activities in the township, never diluted his focus.

Against the odds

“I grew up in a poor family and worked long hours to help my dad with his small businesses. Poverty has taught me to work and inspired me to fight poverty in my neighborhood through the teaching of the Word of Jesus,” recollects Apostle Farayi Muzari, exuding a sense of belonging.

Gifted with a resolute charisma, the dissolute settings became his launching pad to overcome trials – making a lasting difference within God’s Kingdom and beyond.

“I was born in a family of three kids being the last born with two elder sisters on the 18th of January, 1985 in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza. I currently reside there with my wife Lucy and our son Theophany,” recounts the modest servant.
Apostle Farayi Muzari Remains Focused, Determined 
While his family remained steadfast in prayers, attending church diligently every Sunday – other households were attracted by worldly activities, including the popular Nyau dance within his locality. After his encounter with Jesus Christ, his life was completely converted.

God's encounter

“The day I met Jesus on 6 February 2004 is the most memorable day of my life. Everything changed. I am now the President and founder of Kingdom Fellowship Ministries International (KFMI),” reveals Apostle Muzari.

His personal encounter with God came via a dream, while he was engrossed in his chicken business.

“While in Harare, God spoke to me through a dream and directed me back to my roots in St Mary's township. My spiritual encounter instructed me to prepare for the second coming of Jesus,” recalled Apostle Muzari. “He said we must not look for His hand but His face and teach the word of God.” 

Apostle Muzari's close confidantes often equate his capabilities to his spiritual father – Apostle Pride Sibiya – the founder of Glory Ministries.

God's gift

“My friends always say that I have a father’s heart – a great teacher of the Word. I am a man of faith, integrity and excellence,” he remarks entrenched with a sense of pride.

Apostle Muzari’s gift in teaching the Word of God and administration – the core components of church growing are vibrant. His gift is cemented by reading to broaden his understanding of God, especially publications by Bishop Deg-Heward Mills.

Learning never stops for the inquisitive preacher. One of his targets is to perfect his delegation skills – “incorporating others offloads the burden from me and will help our ministry to do even more”

Driven by a passion to decimate poverty, he is equipping church members to prosper through the Word of God, teaching sound doctrine, fighting poverty, establishing more churches and leadership training tops the list of his five most thrusts in ministry.

Overflowing grace

KFMI has four assemblies under its wings – the main one situated at the intersection of Ingwe and Chaminuka Rd – opposite St Mary's clinic. The ministry has witnessed growth under its 2017 theme: The year of the overflow.

“One of our assemblies in Zengeza 4 recorded an attendance of 19 members during the initial service. Congregates are being blessed financially, while some have bought cars and properties,” hinted the servant of God.

Probed about his vision, Apostle Muzari was forthright: “Changing the world through the gospel. I have started equipping saints to do ministry and they are going out to start churches.”

Apostle Muzari is glad to have loving spiritual parents in Apostle Pride Sibiya – a supporting and adoring wife – and ultimately his relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Spiritual parents give us direction in ministry and spiritual covering. They make us accountable and to have a clear direction,” he remarks.

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