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Global Challenges: Paul Biya to Address the UN Assembly

Yaoundé -   Cameroon will share disturbing global trends and the country's proposed solutions on Friday September 22, 2017 when Preside...

Yaoundé - Cameroon will share disturbing global trends and the country's proposed solutions on Friday September 22, 2017 when President Paul Biya speaks at the ongoing 72nd UN Ordinary General Assembly in New York. 

After attending the opening ceremony for general debates on September 19, 2017, during which speaker after speaker decried some life-threatening goings-on across the globe, the Cameroon's Head of State will table his way forward. 

Although Cameroon may not be hardest hit by the nuclear threats like other countries, as condemned by almost all speakers during the opening ceremony on Tuesday, the country is not exempted from other challenges that the international community is facing today. 

International terrorism, unresolved conflicts and violation of international humanitarian law, rising inequality, cyber criminality, refugee crisis, sustainable development and climate change stare almost all countries in the face, Cameroon inclusive. 
President Paul Biya to Address the UN Congress 

How Cameroon is striving in the midst of these to stay afloat is, no doubt, the experience the country's first citizen will be sharing with the world, Cameroon has taken to reduce the hitherto hostile Boko Haram insurgencies to sporadic suicide bombings today, and which the international community has saluted variously, may edify other nations the more. 

Sharing the experiences in a high-level forum like the UN General Assembly wherein the world's top most leaders are participating would obviously be an opportunity to establish or strengthen contacts with other world leaders on better advocacy.

Although the terrorist Boko Haram sect has been significantly weakened, it still dreads countries in the Lake Chad region with frightful suicide bombings alongside other crimes and abuses. 

President Paul Biya will certainly advocate sustained international mobilisation to completely eradicate the terrorist sect and strengthening of the United Nations' support for the Multinational Joint Task Force. 

The humanitarian challenges of the terrorist threat and continual instability in the Central African Republic have been heavy on the country. This, as the peace-loving and hospitable country continually hosts hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Boko Haram's crimes in Nigeria and insecurity in the Central African Republic. 

The world will on Friday, through President Paul Biya, therefore be edified on how Cameroon has been able to carry this load alongside managing the case of its own populations displaced by the war and insecurity. 

Moreso remaining respectful of its commitment to respecting human rights! Cameroon's strides have been hailed by the UN on several fronts. During his visit to Cameroon in March 2015, the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, then UN High Commissioner for Refugees underscored that, "Cameroon is at the forefront of the collective security of mankind. 

Again in March 2017, a delegation of Ambassadors of the 15-member countries of the UN Security Council on an assessment mission of the security and humanitarian situation in the Lake Chad area saluted Cameroon's "exemplary commitment" in the fight against the Boko Haram sect, the reception of refugees and strides made in sustainable development.

The contribution of the international community they crusaded for would certainly be reiterated when President Paul Biya addresses the world here in New York tomorrow. Unresolved Crisis Given that unresolved crisis feature on the list of hurdles plaguing the world today, Cameroon's experience may be enriching. 

How government has handled thus far the socio-political situation in the North West and South West Regions resulting from the demands of teachers' and lawyers' union and which opportunists took advantage of to undermine the peace and unity of Cameroon acquired under the tutelage of the UN, would not be least interesting. 

The Presidential magnanimity of August 30, 2017 ordering the discontinuance of proceedings against alleged perpetrators of violence in the two English-speaking regions alongside other battery of measures already taken to meet the needs of the teachers and lawyers as well as enhance living together in a one and indivisible Cameroon would definitely be an eye-opener to the rest of the world. - Online Sources

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