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Tendai Ndoro: Football Star 'Abandons, Wife Child After Windfall'

Harare - Soon after his transfer to Saudi Arabia, former Orlando Pirates striker, Tendai Ndoro bragged for making a fortune.  “Adzisi nga...

Harare - Soon after his transfer to Saudi Arabia, former Orlando Pirates striker, Tendai Ndoro bragged for making a fortune. 

“Adzisi ngano, zviri real kunge Madrid biggy woye woye. Tora mari united, apa andina kana Grade 7, ZJC, or ‘O’ Level zvayo,” he posted on Facebook. 

Translated it means: “It is real like Real Madrid. I am not educated that much but I am now very rich.”  

Known for living lavish lifestyles of fast cars, designer wear and social media celebrity status, the Zimbabwe international soccer player is being accused by his estranged wife of not taking care of their child.

Ndoro recently joined Saudi Arabian football club Al Faisaly is comfortably 11 000 kilometres away from his baby mama drama. He has even blocked her phone and social media accounts.
Tendai Ndoro

Zinhle, the estranged wife said the footie star last took care of the child in September last year and he is now singing a different tune, “it wasn’t me.”

“The last time he spent money on Christiano was in September last year. I had to approach him at the stadium before a match for that.

“The only thing close to spending money after that was in February when he facilitated a trip to Zimbabwe for the child to go see its grandparents. Funny enough he tells people it’s not his child,” she said.

Zinhle said Tendai walked out on her when their child was two months old but he should be in a position to own up.

“What kind of man does that? I asked for a DNA test since he had been telling people that it was not his child. We agreed to go to Medforum with his brother Takudzwa and my sisters but on the day he decided that we go alone.

When we go there he started making a scene then we ended up not doing it,” she added.

“Since he claims that he’s not the father, let’s do a DNA test and take it from there. If it’s not his child then he can sue me for everything. All I want is a father to man up,” she said.

A source close to both Tendai and Zinhle said it all began one good Saturday when Tendai left home to get his suit altered because he was set to attend a football awards show beamed live on SABC 1 that evening.

He didn’t return only to call Zinhle telling her that he would go straight to the show because he was late.

“I called her to ask about the woman Tendai was with at the awards. Apparently she wasn’t watching TV and she rushed to the set to see for herself. That ended their relationship,” said the source.

At the time Zinhle had given birth via Caesarean Section (C Section) and couldn’t do much on her own and was out of work. She depended on her “footballer bae” for everything.

“He returned home at 2am to get his bags because he claimed that he would sleep at Khama Billiat’s place where there was an after party. The next day he was set to travel to Zimbabwe for national team duty,” added the source.

Ndoro then went on to stay with Patience and as Zinhle tried to get to him, she went through her for communication.

“I told her that she shouldn’t stop Tendai from taking care of his child. If she had power in his life she should help him do what’s right,” said Zinhle.

Tendai and Zinhle were customarily married and both their families exchanged tokens to acknowledge their marriage. Ndoro had not responded to messages sent to his Facebook and he was not answering his phone. - B metro

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