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ZEC Warning: Collecting Voter Information Illegal

Harare –  The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has put an embargo on the illegal moves by ruling party officials demanding serial number...

Harare – The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has put an embargo on the illegal moves by ruling party officials demanding serial numbers from registration slips for the forthcoming elections, saying offenders will be apprehended.

Since the onset of the Biometric Voter Registration process in 2017, citizens have been complaining of perceived intimidation tactics allegedly employed by Zanu-PF in demanding proof of registration, purporting to use the information for their party structures.

After receiving a barrage of complaints from voters, ZEC has finally taken a solid stance, pronouncing that any offenders will be dealt with.

"We have received several reports of people moving around collecting serial numbers of voter registration slips from registered voters nationwide. Following such reports we would like to notify all Zimbabweans that it is an offence for anyone to collect or record voter registration slips serial numbers."
Zimbabwe will go to Elections soon 

Zanu-PF officials were making door-to-door operations, noting voters' information, contrary to ZEC's guidelines, however, may reports fell on deaf ears.

"The offence border on voter intimidation, impersonation of Zec officials and trespassing should the persons enter your premises and are in violation of the Electoral Act and Section 156 ( c) of the Constitution among others. The voter registration slips remain the property of Zec and no one has the right to demand them or part of them," the warning said.

Adding that, "Anyone found committing this offence shall be apprehended and the law will take its course. We urge all citizens to report such cases if they take place."

In November 2017, Election Resource Centre (ERC) executive director Tawanda Chimhini took the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ERC) to task over the latter’s continued failure to rein in political parties whose followers have been linked to continued acts of intimidation on prospective voters

“The bad part about any form of intimidation that has been associated with our election is the fact that people get away with it. What you build when you allow people to get away with a lot of these violations is a lack of public confidence in the process; people resign and say ‘we have no one to protect us’,” Chimhini said then.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has since called for free and fair elections in 2018. 

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