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Morgan Tsvangirai: MDC President Died a ‘Poor’ Man

Harare – In spite of his global fame, departed Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) President – Morgan Richard Tsvangirai died a pauper, ...

Harare – In spite of his global fame, departed Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) President – Morgan Richard Tsvangirai died a pauper, as some people manipulated his reputation to make a fortune, a close family member has exposed.

During his battle with colon cancer, Tsvangirai struggled to pay for chemotherapy treatment, with the Harare regime unveiling a bailout plus a state-funded funeral.

Derick Matsengarwodzi

A month before his death – the former MDC leader received a state delegation led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who promised to restore his pension, including bequeathing his official residence in the leafy Highlands suburb.

During the inclusive government commencing in 2009 – the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) had advanced a loan to Tsvangirai – the then Prime Minister to purchase an official residence, however, after 2013 – the state withdrew his benefits, threatening to retain his home.

Independent media reports suggested that ousted President – Mugabe extended an estimated $60 000 donation to cater for Tsvangirai’s medical expenses in South Africa. Rumours of the MDC founder living a dire lifestyle became recurrent media fodder – at one stage the ailing politician failed to pay his workers.      
Ousted Robert Mugabe and the Late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai 

“Tsvangirai worked hard and suffered at the hands of Zanu-PF. Some people made money, but he died a pauper. He was used as a goblin by some people to make money. Everyone knows this man won the 2008 elections, but being a man of the people, he refused to walk to State House skipping dead bodies,” revealed Tsvangirai’s uncle, introduced as Zvaipa.

Consecutive disputed elections, believed to have been won by the MDC resulted in protracted disputes between the opposition party and the state.

“He allowed Mugabe to rule and the fact that the current President Emmerson Mnangagwa has allowed government to assist with his treatment and funeral means he acknowledges that this man is a hero,” Zvaipa continued.

Majuru – Tsvangirai’s regular golf partner described the late politician as an honest and a rare breed of an African leader.

“The Tsvangirai that I knew and the one portrayed by the media, especially the State media, are different. Tsvangirai was an honest man and honesty is a rare trait in African politics. His death should be a wakeup call to those in power to redefine and broaden the definition of a hero,” Majuru testified.

Meanwhile, MDC Acting President – Nelson Chamisa has vowed to resign from politics if he loses the 2018 plebiscite to Zanu-PF’s candidate – Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“We are ready to form the next government and in September we will,” Chamisa declared.

Dwelling on the contentious succession debate, Chamisa claimed Tsvangirai had managed it well, unlike Mugabe – his opposite contender.

“Mugabe failed to plan his succession, but our president (Tsvangirai) did. God has a plan for everything. When a great leader dies, his protégé takes after him. When I was appointed vice-president, people did not understand him,” adding that, the MDC constitution is clear on the succession debate.

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