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Morgan Tsvangirai: Widow Hides Inheritance from Family

Harare - Morgan Tsvangirai's legacy of being a peace-loving politician could be trampled upon as his widow - Elizabeth is allegedly lea...

Harare - Morgan Tsvangirai's legacy of being a peace-loving politician could be trampled upon as his widow - Elizabeth is allegedly leaving out other properties in the inventory of properties filed at the High Court as the inheritance feud escalates.   

According to family members, Elizabeth has fraudulently committed five houses and 17 vehicles, leading the family to instruct a leading Harare lawyer to convene a meeting involving all affected parties.

The lawyer, Jonathan Samkange has since written to the Master registering the family’s complaints, requesting the Master to invite all the interested parties for a meeting.

“We have instructions to challenge Elizabeth Macheka as the deceased’s surviving spouse and the inventory that she lodged with yourselves. The inventory left out several properties and it is our firm belief that this was done fraudulently”.

The family members contend that Ms Macheka deliberately under-declared the properties left behind by the late politician. Ms Macheka rushed to register the estate of the late politician indicating that she was the only surviving spouse.
The Late Morgan Tsvangirai and Widow Elizabeth 

She went on to declare only one house in Strathaven, Harare, as the only immovable property that the late politician owned. She listed six vehicles, a herd of 45 cattle in Kwekwe and others in Buhera as the only property forming the estate.

Mr Samukange, in a letter dated March 8 2018, informed the Master of High Court that the following immovable properties were fraudulently left out by Ms Macheka: Highlands house, Borrowdale house, Philadelphia house, Number 16 Kent Road house and a farm in Mazowe.

The Master of High Court is yet to respond to the request.

Meanwhile, Ms Macheka has also requested for an edict meeting to appoint an executor dative to the estate it has since been set for March 27 this year. Nine children—one minor and eight majors—were also listed as the children of the late Tsvangirai.

The names are; Edwin, Vimbai, Millicent, Miriro, Ethen, Garikai, Rumbidzai, Vincent and Richard. Tsvangirai died on February 14 in South Africa after battling cancer of the colon at Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre.

Elizabeth has been ill-treated during and after the funeral and has been accused of kicking out children of the late MDC-T leader from the majestic Highlands mansion anticipating that the Government will honour its promise and grant the property to her as the surviving spouse. - Online Sources

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