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Sinikiwe ‘Nikki’ Kademaunga: From ‘Outcast’ to Giant of Hope

Harare – Humanity is often selfish towards the physically challenged – conferring them with detestable titles, weaving self-serving hypothes...

Harare – Humanity is often selfish towards the physically challenged – conferring them with detestable titles, weaving self-serving hypotheses.

Sinikiwe ‘Nikki’ Kademaunga’s tale is a living testimony of how she overcame raging cultural myths – a suicidal thought – overlooking her short limbs to become a spur, even to the able-bodied as a media sensation and motivational character.

After a prolonged struggle to conceive, her mother's wish was finally granted. On delivery day, expectant relatives were shaken to the core with the infant’s missing limbs.

With her diminutive limbs – the newly born was instantly declared a ‘family outcast’ – discounting her innocence. 

Few – including her grandmother accepted her condition, rescuing her to raise her far from a ‘madding crowd’.

Standing at less than a meter tall, with the aid of a wheelchair, she was a candidate for destitution. But contrary to common belief, her diminutive stature has defied societal misgivings to uplift a tormented soul.
Sinikiwe Kademunga has Become a Motivator
“After birth, my granny took me to Rusape and raised me in a normal way. I did all the household chores and played like everyone else. I was bright in school, passing in school with flying colours,” she retraces her upbringing.

As the toll of life gnawed her, Snikiwe contemplated suicide but through her granny, who later passed on, she persevered.

During high school, she got assistance to complete her studies. After school, she constantly prayed for comfort as life became unbearable. Finally, she was invited for a scholarship interview.

“Things were hard and I prayed. I was later invited for interviews for a scholarship and I thought I had failed but to my surprise I got it.”

In 2014, Sinikiwe flew to the University of Cape Town in South Africa to commence her Social Work degree. Her colleagues at Glory Ministries converged to celebrate her success. 

On arrival her confidence plummeted as people looked down upon her but watching Nick – an Australian-Ameican motivational speaker transformed her life.

“I watched Nick Vujicic speaking and I thought he had more physical challenges than me. And only if I believed in myself and with God on my side, I will overcome. I began sharing my story on social media and I garnered a huge following.”

Sinikiwe became a media darling – earning her a Courage award for the Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards (ZIWA) in 2016 for pouring out her experience that changed many lives. 

Her blog has reached countless haunted souls, with different posts ranging from disability.

“I have been featured on various stations and publications and on 23 March 2018, I will be featured in a BBC documentary. I am also mentoring 10 Nigerian students,” she said.

From an outcast at birth – Snikiwe has evaded negative perceptions to locate her true purpose in life. “I recall Apostle Pride Sibiya teaching on finding your purpose and telling me I will change lives. My purpose is to inspire and encourage other people.”

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