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Survival Kit: How to Identify Poisonous Mushrooms

Harare - Mushroom is considered a delicacy in many homes - but once in a while portions of the poisonous fungi find their way onto the dini...

Harare - Mushroom is considered a delicacy in many homes - but once in a while portions of the poisonous fungi find their way onto the dining table, resulting in tragic deaths. 

In a recent tragic tale, a grade 7 pupil picked mushroom on her way home for dinner. Her granny prepared it for the family, and after supper, they developed complications. As of writing, eight people from the same family have been confirmed dead. 

Experts always caution mushroom pickers to be careful, keeping in mind that there are many variations in the mushroom realm. Environmental conditions can alter the look of many mushrooms so it is important that you take the time to properly learn about mushrooms before actually trying to collect any for your own consumption. 

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you spot potential dangers in the mushrooms you might be interested in.
Mushroom is a Delicacy in Many Homes

Warts of scales
This is a common sign that the mushroom you are looking at is potentially dangerous. The cap of the mushroom will often have a discoloured look in certain areas. The universal veil that covers the mushroom when it is young often causes this. Take note of this characteristic.

Bulb around the vase?
This too is a remnant of the universal veil but it is also a clue that the mushroom is harboring more than just a nice flavour. This bulb can be difficult to spot because it is usually buried under ground. Gently dig around the mushroom in question to detect the presence of a bulb on the stem.

Leave a pore printThis test can best be done with a dark coloured piece of paper. Place the mushroom upside down on the paper and then remove. If the mushroom leaves a white powder on the paper, you would be wise to leave it alone. This is called a pore print and it indicates the presence of toxins.
Know Your Mushroom Before Picking

Look at the gillsAnother area to look for potential danger is under the mushroom itself. Mushrooms have a gill section under the cap. If the gills are small and/or white, this is a sign that the mushroom could be dangerous.

Knowing how to properly identify a mushroom will help you tremendously in your hunt for edible mushrooms. It is very important that you take the time to properly educate yourself on this topic before trying to find and consume your own wild mushrooms.

It is also important to remember that there are many types of mushrooms that mimic other mushrooms. These mushrooms could look very similar but one could be dangerous whereas another is safe. The only way to properly understand this area of food hunting is to educate yourself on the many different species of wild mushrooms. - Online Sources

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