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#2018ZimElections: Scholars Cheated by Elections Seek Exam Delay

Bulawayo - Zimbabwean Pupils sitting for final examinations in November 2018 have pleaded with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to suspend fort...

Bulawayo - Zimbabwean Pupils sitting for final examinations in November 2018 have pleaded with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to suspend forthcoming papers, saying they were greatly inconvenienced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) BVR election process, largely done by their teachers. 

 According to students, seeking an ear with the president, the absence of teachers on ZEC duties, negatively affected their performance and it might cascade to the final examinations.

“When the Head of State had an opportunity to interact with Child Parliamentarians, they tried to convince him to suspend the November examinations.  

“Yes, it came from them. They said Your Excellency, we plead with you to suspend the November examinations because all our teachers have gone to the ZEC activities.

“There are no teachers. We have had a short term and there hasn’t been quality learning. These were your pupils talking to the President,” education Permanent Secretary, Dr Sylvia Utete-Masango said. 
Zimbabwe Students Seek Examination Delay 

She said pupils had appealed to President Mnangagwa, when he met Child Parliamentarians in Harare recently, to suspend the end of year exams because teachers were hardly in school conducting ZEC activities.

Forms Four and Form Six classes are the ones that write public examinations. For the second term, schools will close on Thursday July 26, to accommodate the harmonised elections set for July 30.

The third term will open a week early on September 4, to ensure that pupils are not disadvantaged. More delays were caused when the second term opened on May 8 and was supposed to end on August 9 before the election announcement.

The ministry has urged schools to institute holiday lessons to cover up for lost time. 

“As for the timetable, we are going to lose 10 working days so we had to try and find a way of making up for the lost time. This means we will be opening early.

“Some schools will try and come up with measures to ensure that learners are not disadvantaged and this can be through holiday lessons,” added Masango. 

However, the holiday lessons will come at an extra cost for parents, already burdened by the comatose economic environment. The credibility of public examinations has come under scrutiny, with recent spats of leaking and rampant cheating. - Online Sources 

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