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Nelson Chamisa: 'I will not be Tricked like Morgan Tsvangirai'

Harare - Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has vowed not to be tricked by the ruling party, like they did to the late Morgan Tsvangirai.  C...

Harare - Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has vowed not to be tricked by the ruling party, like they did to the late Morgan Tsvangirai. 

Chamisa was speaking during Tsvangirai's commemoration to mark a year after his death on 14 February, 2018.

According to the fiery leader, President Emmerson Mnangagwa reneged on an agreement for an inclusive transitional government following the fall of former President Robert Mugabe.

 “I was asked by Tsvangirai to attend Mnangagwa’s inauguration at the National Sports Stadium, but I remonstrated with him saying these people could not be trusted. 

“He (Tsvangirai) told me that he had been assured that a transitional arrangement would be formed that would set the reforms and conditions for free and fair elections, but that is not what happened and he died a betrayed man,” said Chamisa. 

Chamisa said that he was not going to fall into the same trap again and said that he would not be bullied into “meaningless” talk with Mnangagwa.

The Late Morgan Tsvangirai and Nelson Chamisa

The MC Alliance has given the government conditions for an honest dialogue to commerce, inducing a stop to state-sponsored violence targeting opposition members and for soldiers to return to the barracks. 

Contributing at the same occasion, Tsvangirai’s widow Elizabeth Macheka confirmed Chamisa's statements. 

 “His vision was for Zimbabwe to be united. He wanted to see the people free to express themselves and he yearned for the life that the country experienced in the early 1980s when the people had enough to eat. He wanted people to have jobs. 

 “He supported the new dispensation because he sincerely believed that it was going to be the beginning of a new era. “Unfortunately, something else happened. For the sake of my husband, I would like to say the people should unite, not only in the MDC but across the political divide.” 

The ruling part however deny that there was such a set up agreed upon, insisting that the incumbent leader is the true winner, though the opposition maintains they won the disputed 2018 elections.  

In February 2009, a Government of National Unity (GNU) was formed following the inaugurations of Morgan Tsvangirai as Prime Minister and Thokozani Khuphe and Arthur Mutambara as Deputy Prime Ministers. 
The coalition was organised among former leader, Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front, Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change, and Mutambara's MDC, as agreed to during recent negotiations.

Following the deal's signing, a "sticking point" for the implementation of the agreements in the fourth quarter 2008 was the allocation of Cabinet positions between the two MDC factions and ZANU-PF, particularly the Home Affairs Ministry. 
It stopped the negotiations' progress until late January 2009, when the MDC-T agreed to share the Ministerial portfolio with ZANU-PF on a rotating basis, as advised by the Southern African Development Community.

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