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Michel Zvimba: Born To Shepherd Lost Souls

Harare – In the savannah grasslands of Chendambuya, a young boy drove his livestock for grazing.  After years in the trade, he now identifie...

Harare – In the savannah grasslands of Chendambuya, a young boy drove his livestock for grazing. 

After years in the trade, he now identified with each animal. He had named most of them.

Banitom (pronounced as Bhanitomu) – the family bull fronted the livestock, his giant head lifted with poise. His bellow echoed, awakening the sleeping mountains. Other local herd boys cracked their whips towards the usual meeting place.

By @Comic24Derick

Without prior warning, the bull took off at a high speed, aiming towards a lush green maize field. The herder knew had to act fast or face a backlash from the owner and his parents. 

With limited options, he chased after the errant beast, snaking into the long grass, leaping protruding sharp rocks and yawning crevices, ignoring the danger it posed.

Overseer Zvimba in Church
Along the way, zvibayamhondoro (long thorns) percolated into his tiny feet. But the pain could wait for now. His mission was more important than that. Nicking a pebble from the river bed, he aimed at the animal with his catapult. And with calculated precision, the stone hit the bull’s horn, immediately changing its direction.

But the task was still not done. Weary, yet determined, he pursued it with his last energy reserves, with the now frothing bull slowing its pace. “Komu, komu – ndati komu Banitom (turn back Banitom), he shrilled at a high voice, igniting a frenzy amongst his jeering peers. By now the bull had relented to its master’s command, strolling back towards the rest of the herd, ears lowered, and tail wagging – admitting defeat.

Under a hissing tree, the exhausted herder nursed his bruised feet. He picked remnants of thorns using another tougher thorn. Though painful, he was relieved. He had saved his father a heavy fine from the firm village headman, if the bull had devoured the ripening maize. His colleagues gathered to console as well as commend his heroics. Soon, he was back to his daily herding chores.

“I grew up herding my father’s livestock, spending my initial years in rural areas until I relocated into town. Back in the village, I was an experienced herder entrusted with my family’s wealth,” he reminisced with a grin of longing.
Early days at Glory Ministries 

Growing up, Michel Zvimba wanted to be a teacher. Then an economist – but never a pastor. But a death in the family changed everything. His dream was probable, since he was brilliant in school. Becoming a pastor was the last thing on his mind, with the kind of lifestyle he was leading after school.

“Growing up, I wanted to become a teacher but as I grew up wanted to be an economist. I never dreamt of being a pastor. I went clubbing and beer drinking during my early twenties. The turning point was the death of my brother in Nov 2004. I decided I needed to give my life to Christ,” mentioned, the now Chitungwiza Overseer.

After turning to God, many people gave him a month to backslide. “I even lost a girlfriend that time because she refused to join my newly-found faith. For many years family members were kind of skeptical but with passage of time, they began to believe.”

The year 2004, brought a total shift, when he gave his life to Christ through Apostle Pride Sibiya, after an invitation by his sister. Two years, later he was the worker of the year in church in 2006. Along the way, he served in various positions as treasurer, vice chair singles, elders and deacons’ member, assistant pastor, pastor – and now Overseer and Secretary general of the highest decision making board.

Overseer Zvimba states that he has a health relationship with his spiritual father, Apostle Sibiya. “I have a healthy relationship with my spiritual father. I'm what I am right now because of his teachings and guidance.
Wedding Day in 2017
“He has spoken to my life about many things which came to pass. He told me I was a man of God before I even knew. I urge people to seek for covering from spiritual fathers who are not far. You need someone you can visit, talk and rebuke you.”

Though his herding days are long gone, he still have those instincts. He now shepherds souls. “I am a mentor. Have mentored some people about life and ministry. Some are pastors because of my mentorship.”

His sermons radiate with authority and clear determination. Here is a man who never surrenders to demonic strongholds nor challenges – like his earlier days, earning himself the tittle: Anagkazo – meaning: to cause, compel, to drive or to constrain.

Gifted in the areas of healing and deliverance, he says “the gifts have helped in the growth of the church. Usually people follow where they see that their problems can be solved.” Using this gift, he planted one the fastest growing church in Glory Ministries, which grew from 15 members to 120 in a record seven months.

A prayer of a faithful man brings forth fruits. After years of praying for the appropriate partner, he got one. And December 31, 2016 is a day filled with lasting memories for the Zvimba family. On this day, he finally wedded his longtime girlfriend Finesse. The couple were later blessed with a daughter Ivanna.

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