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Tinashe Mutarisi: We Need New Heroes

Genuine heroes are rare. Growing up, Tinashe Mutarisi, the founder and Chairman of Nash Holdings was starved of idols. At a tender age, he l...

Genuine heroes are rare. Growing up, Tinashe Mutarisi, the founder and Chairman of Nash Holdings was starved of idols.

At a tender age, he lost both parents, leaving him to fend for his siblings in a polygamous family. His father had three wives and 27 children. To complete his education, he moulded bricks to sell.

“Growing up, I always wanted to be a soldier. I guess, I always wanted to be a hero to my people,” Mutarisi recalls. Translated into English, his surname means one who looks after. And after finishing school, he worked in a retail shop, before migrating to Botswana. There he discovered his business acumen.

When he returned home, he started the paint business. His lifelong vision to become a change in his lifetime began at Chikwanha shopping centre, in 2006. 

With only three employees, Nash Paints was founded in a rented shop, later increasing to 36 branches and 500 personnel.

His dream to create opportunities for others was flourishing. After Nash Paints, Nash Holdings came next, incorporating paint manufacturing, furniture retail, and technology in Southern Africa. 

For his feats, Mutarisi has accumulated different accolades, including the Business Leader of the Year for the paint and construction industry in 2016. In 2017, he was conferred with the Business Man of the Year award.
Tinashe Mutarisi, Nash Holdings Owner
But he remains humbled, saying there was nothing special about him. Even with his recorded accomplishments, he still admits he has more to learn. “Yes, I have built a multi-award winning business empire, but I believe I am just getting started.”

Raised in a village, Mutarisi persistently yearned for an improved lifestyle to compensate for his time of lack, deprived of opportunities enjoyed by some. Though he has made inroads in life, he elects to stay humble and count his blessings. 

He lives a modest lifestyle, despite his countless acquisitions, including posh automobiles, plus a mansion in a leafy suburb.

“My love for cars is not inspired by a desire to show off but just the idea of experiencing life differently,” Mutarisi mentioned to a local daily. 

“I love experimenting, being someone who grew in lack and there are instances when I feel like enjoying the finer things in life just for the sake of it.”

Surfing through Mutarisi’s Facebook page reveals a man's thirst to satisfy his fatherly duties. In one image, he posted, his playful twins, showcasing his family’s lighter side. “The idea of family time is a big deal to me. I enjoy spending quality time with my family away from the busy schedule and work demands.”

The entity’s marketing strategy is heavily anchored on utilising celebrity status, especially within the entertainment industry. Names like Jah Prayzah, who has become the company’s brand ambassador, and Jah Master feature prominently.

NashTV, an online television platform seeks to plug gaps in limited media platforms within the country. 

“Zimbabwe is awash with talents which we seldom celebrate and NashTV is thus an open and available platform for all musicians and industry players who desire an opportunity to interface with the Zimbabwean public,” Mutarisi said. To date, they have featured several artists on the channel.

Though they are competing with many other players, the company has remained relevant by investing in social relevance. 

“Success is never about your background, but how you exert yourself against all odds,” Mutarisi mentioned. “I can say it is early days, but we are striving to grow our market share moving into the future.”

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